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Kimber Mini to RCA (1ft)

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Improve sound quality from RCA-output on your audio source to the 'mini' plug input on your headphone amp with this audiophile-grade Kimber 'mini-to-RCA' interconnect cable. Naturally, it can also double as a mini-out on your source to the RCA input on your amp. Terminated with a straight 'mini' plug and left / right RCA, this interconnect features GQ-CU cable and durable Techflex outer sheath. Perfect for short distance hook-ups from iPod or MP3 player to headphone amps. 1ft length

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Product Features:

  • Audiophile mini-to-RCA cable engineered by Ray Kimber
  • Ideal interconnect for use from headphone amps to home audio components
  • Manufactured by hand in Ogden Utah USA
  • A HeadRoom exclusive!

You may seen our HeadRoom road crew using these Kimber mini-to-RCA cables at all our audio events and headphone shows and it's no wonder why; it's amazingly great-sounding, tough-as-nails cabling that stands up to our constant use and abuse without failure. Ray Kimber and his engineering team have a long-standing reputation for making the top headphone-oriented cabling and interconnects available on the audiophile market and we're very pleased at HeadRoom to carry many Kimber Kable exclusives that are simply unavailable anywhere else!

This Kimber Kable 1ft 'mini-to-RCA' interconnect is ideal to interlink your RCA-output portable or home audio source with your HeadRoom Mobile, Micro, or Desktop amp. Direct from Ray Kimber's cabling research facility in Ogden Utah, his proprietary dielectric design features straight 1/8" [3.5mm] mini-male plug on one end of a Kimber GQ-CU braid and stereo Left/right RCA plugs on the other end. DurableTechflex outer sheathing make this an extremely high-quality cable geared for demanding portable/mobile listening uses. Perfect for short distance hook-ups from headphone amps to CD players, tape decks or other home audio components.


  • Cable Type: Mini-RCA Cable
  • Connector Type: 1/8", RCA

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My Old Standby
Posted by ctmurphy from Minnesota on 2010-04-11

Recommend Product: Yes
Pros: Good Sound, Solid Construction
Cons: Too Short

I've used this between my iPod with a PocketDock line out adaptor and my Headroom Supreme amp for several years. It definitely is an improvement over the Belkin and Radio Shack cables I had been using. I love the sound of Kimber Kable products in my main stereo and feel they bring some of the same to my headphone system but to a lesser extent- neutrality, natural high frequency reproduction, even bass response, along with good detail retrieval.

I just wish I had bought a longer version.

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Posted by PHE from New England, USA on 2010-01-16

Recommend Product: No
Pros: Well made, high quality cable
Cons: Price

This cable is well made and of high quality. However, IMO, it is very expensive for what you get. I bought this some years ago and I don't think I would ever pay this price ever again fro a similar cable. $40 maybe but not $85.

1 out of 1 people found this review helpful. Did you?

nice solution
Posted by melomaniac from fressen on 2010-01-15

Recommend Product: Yes
Pros: good quality and craftsmanship
Cons: has tough competition at this price

If you want to connect a mini source to an amp that has RCA inputs, you now have a lot of choices. Kimber was one of the first really good solutions for this scenario, and I enjoyed the GQmini. I'd say that cabling is more important than people are sometimes prepared to admit - but on the other hand, competition has created a broad spectrum of choices at around this price point.

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