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TV headphones are wireless headphones specifically designed for watching television and movies.  


Headphones for TV are tuned for the best possible speech intelligibility, emphasizing sounds in the lower treble range.  Extra headsets can be purchased, allowing use of the same base station for charging and giving listeners the ability to individually control their volume. Wireless headphones can be Bluetooth, RF (radio) or digital transmission types. Some of the best sounding and widest array of options in the wireless field come from Sennheiser, which use Kleer, a battery-efficient wireless technology that streams uncompressed digital CD-quality (16-bit, 44.1 kHz) stereo audio in the 2.4GHz band.

Connecting Wireless Headphones to Your TV

Simply connect the headphone base station to your TV, usually via RCA cables or optical cable.  If you only have an optical or coaxial connection, the higher end Sennheiser units (RS 175, 185, 195) have a digital/optical input built in.  Otherwise you may need to add a DAC (Digital to Analog Converter), which converts the digital signal out of your TV to analog. (Call us, and we can walk you through the best options for your TV.)  Once connected,  the TV speakers will be adjustable via normal controls, while the headphone listener will use the volume control on the headphones. The wireless headphone base station can also be plugged directly into the headphone jack on your TV, although sound quality is much poorer and some volume functions may be lost.

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