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For most of us today, computers and laptops serve as the central hub of our audio universe; and what a wonderful hub it is.

Whether they be work headphones or purely pleasure, headphones are clearly an integral part of every day life.
Work Headphones for Laptops & Computers
  • For many computer and laptop activities, on-ear and over-ear headphones are great choices, providing a nice mix of comfort, fuller sound, and a plethora of options and features.  
  • closed headphone will provide moderate noise blocking (some models block more than others), and they will also prevent others from hearing your music.
  • Look for travel-friendly features such as carrying cases and the ability to fold.  
  • Headset models have a microphone and also provide nice compatibility with other devices like smartphones and tablets.
  • For noisier environments, consider an in-ear headphone.  If you're commuting on planes trains and automobiles, find yourself in a loud and noisy room, or anywhere you need to block significant noise, we recommend an in-ear headphone or a noise cancelling model.
Browse some of our top choices of headphones that are well suited for office work, study, and many general laptop and computer based activities.