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Beyerdynamic DT 990 - 32 Ohm

MSRP $429.00
Stock Status: Out of Stock.

The open-earcup DT 990 are one of Beyerdynamic's top reference-grade models and a long-time standby for headphone audiophiles. The DT 990 typically put more meat on the bones of recordings versus the analytical DT880 presentation. They're durable, extremely comfortable, rather sonically pleasing headphones with slightly 'forward' upper highs. Bass response remains tightly punchy and richly toned while the midranges stay well-focused and quite present as well. Low impedance 32 Ohm model ideal for iPad, iPod and mp3 listeners.

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Product Features:

  • 32 Ohm impedance ideal for portable & mobile audio sources like computers, iPad or iPod
  • Open-back full-size earcups for airy, spacious tone
  • Big, rich yet fully balanced bass reponse
  • Cool industrial-glam louvered earcup cosmetics
  • Amongst most comfortable full-size headphone available
  • Free 2-year Beyerdynamic manufacturer's warranty

What's In The Box:

  • Leather padded storage/travel case
  • Full-size 1/4" stereo plug adapter
  • Beyerdynamic owner's manual


The venerable Beyerdynamic DT 990 headphones are Beyer's top reference-grade 'Premium Line' model and a long-time standby for serious audiophile types seeking some timbral warmth along with the usual Beyer precision tone. The DT 990 put more sonic meat on the bones of recordings versus the slightly 'drier' and more scientifically analytical approach of the Beyerdynamic DT 880 model, but for some headphone fans, the DT 990 remain a more engaging and subjectively pleasing listening experience. The DT990 are durable, comfortable, sonically pleasing headphones with 'forward'-sounding upper highs and plump, punchy bass response balanced with fully present vocal mid-ranges. Rated at a highly efficient 32 Ohm impedance, this DT 990 model is ideal for use with portable devices like iPod, iPad, MP3 players or computers without necessitating a dedicated amp. Nevertherless, a nice headphone amp adds smoothness, clarity of detail and musical punch in mobile listening applications while maximizing the dynamic range extension and soundstage imaging 'depth'. The DT990 - 32 Ohm should also perform wonderfully with any home stereo rig or receiver with a built-in headphone jack.

Beyerdynamic DT990- 32 Ohm headphones have completely round (circumaural) velour-padded earcups that typically fit loosely around the earlobes -- extremely comfortable even during long intensive listening sessions. The bottom of the headband is covered by a similar padding that feels soft on the top of the head. The DT 990 have very solid sliding metal joints connecting the headband to earcups which contributes immensely to their long-life durability. The neat industrial-glam look provided by the stainless steel-like louvered slats on the DT 990 earcups is a slick fashion-forward move and totally jazzes up the cosmetics. A straight non-detachable 10ft cord exits the left earpiece, eliminating nightmarish 'Y' double-cord tangles. The DT 990 cord terminates to a 1/8" (3.5mm) 'mini' plug; the package handily includes a full-size 1/4" inch screw-on adapter. Plush soft-sided leather storage/travel case is provided.

The 2-year manufacturer's 'repair or replace' product warranty remains standard with all Beyerdynamic headphones ONLY when proof-purchased at true Beyerdynamic-authorized dealers -- like HeadRoom!


  • Weight: 290 grams (w/o cord)
  • Impedance @ 1kHz: 32 Ohms
  • Detachable Cable: No
  • Cord Length: 10ft
  • Cord Type: Straight Y
  • Coupler Size: Large
  • Ear Coupler Type: Full-Size
  • Driver Type: Dynamic
  • Acoustic Seal: Open
  • Connector Type: 1/8
  • Headphone Type: Full Size
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 2 years
  • Sensitivity: 96 dB

Reviews At A Glance
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1 Reviews

Average Rating 
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That sound is just not for me.
Posted by Benign Jamin from Newport Beach on 2011-10-18

Recommend Product: Yes
Pros: Detail, sound stage, warmth.
Cons: Slow, loose exaggerated bass, recessed mid, and pesky hi.

Wow! These are some kind of opposite to the Grado sound I love so much. I Wanted to try something different than what I was used to. Having only had Grado's for the past 8 years. I wanted to try something else just for fun.
This was the price range I was looking for as I was also considering SR325is . There was a 2. To 4 week wait on the 325 so I took a shot. The reviews and descriptions for the 990
I read very carefully and I thought I knew what I was getting. Kinda' sorta'?

More meat on the bones... To me this is exaggerated and slow , the bass response has no tightness , no impact. Heavy and methodical . This will please listeners to certain Generas of music but not others .
Recessed mid range that is just so polar opposite to the Grado's I just can not deal with it. Yet it has huge soundstage that is very spacious indeed. It is a very warm and lusciously detailed sound. So if your looking to get lost and detached from the music, yet Captivated with i t's detail, these just might do you right.
After burn in, and much listening , I sent them back exchange for Grado SR 325is.

Sound Quality
Look & Feel

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Very crisp sound with a touch of Grey
Posted by GN3RAL KARL from Colorado Springs on 2011-05-09

Recommend Product: Yes
Pros: The bassiest open-headphone period, Ultra-comfortable, Great detail throughout all ranges.
Cons: May require slight EQ'ing for some individuals, but will bring out incredibly satisfying results

This DT990 32ohm in my opinion is Beyer's most versatile and dynamic headphone they have ever produced. It can be used as a portable phone if you wish, with it's low impedance design and super-comfortable structure. My source is a T-Mobile G2 (Android 2.2) running Poweramp as my music software, without an amp at the moment. It is the best software on the market for the Android and it sports a 10-band parametric equalizer with additional bass and treble controls, so users can dial in a precise sound according to their tastes to any headphone.

The high-end of the audio spectrum on the DT990 32ohm is definitely bright, but in a very crisp and resolving manner. There's plenty of detail that sparkles up here, in fact I believe it is the brightest out of all the DT series headphones. This may scare some, however, I do EQ the 8K range down a bit. This brings an extra layer of smoothness to the highs that in my opinion puts it near the class of the DT880 600ohm - and yet you don't need a brute amp to drive this one, however it would sound better with one.

The mids are very present if a touch less prominent that the heightened bass and treble that this can produces stock. This may make it seem as if the headphone has a recessed midrange, nevertheless this can be fixed by raising the 2K and 4K marks on your EQ, bringing out a more lush and forward midrange that is, in my ears, much more involving.

The bass notes are the most incredible that I've ever experienced in a open headphone. There is plenty of it from the deepest lows (31Hz), to the thick mid-bass (62Hz), to the upper crust (125Hz). If left untouched, the bass notes can seem to overpower the bottom mids and overall the bass may seem a little too much and not as tight as desired. If you crave or need slimmer bass just EQ as well the ranges. Mainly the 62Hz and 125Hz ranges can be brought down a couple decibels or more and this can easily bring out a more controlled bass line, yet doesn't lose the incredible authority that the 990's produce.

The soundstage is very large and 3D-like. It is a touch smaller than the AD700's or the K701-702's. Yet, the bass response from the DT990's stock DESTROY the AD700's and the AKG series when it comes to movies and games. Hear every blast, gunshot, and earthquake with such immense presence that it will for sure drop your jaw. No other open-headphone that I've had can comes close (unless it was modded :). The soundstage however lacks a little of the incredible imaging and depth of field that the DT880 600ohm has and seems a little unfocused with instruments, them being not as carefully placed as the DT880 variants. Not that this detracts from the overall sound, because the 990's soundstage more surrounds you than the 880's being more focused and tighter, yet the 880's don't surround enough for movies and games, leading to a slightly more 2D backdrop, and you getting killed in FPS's :) The preference is up to the user. This DT990 32ohm headphone has replaced ALL of my previous Beyer headphones due to it's versatility in sound and application.

Detail retrieval is abundant, so classical, jazz, and other genres with plenty of notes will come through effortlessly. They are also very comfortable; no need for elaboration. There seems to be a lot of love and hate for this particular series of the Beyer line. I honestly cannot see why when things can be slightly tweaked with the use of an EQ. Therefore, if the bare sound doesn't appeal, use the EQ to dial in certain ranges. You might find it very enjoyable!

DT990 32ohm = Jack of all trades - without the Jill. LOL!

Max Sound Level before distorting - 107db

UPDATE - The Fiio E5 provides a perfect match for power and sound for the 990 32ohm. It takes the edge off the highs and tightens up the bass to a sublime degree. The sound is ridiculously butter smooth, it didn't even sound this fantastic out of my now gone Starving Student Millet Tube amp or JDS Labs Cmoy! Synergy is definitely real, unbelievable sound from just a $20 amp. Particularly, when paired with the 990 32ohm, it is amazing even with the bass boost on.

Sound Quality
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