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Sony MDR-Q68LW

MSRP $34.99
This product is no longer available at HeadRoom.

For exercise use and listening while actively out and about, small mildly-isolating headphones like the Sony MDR-Q68LW are ideal. You'll maybe find yourself asking for more bass, but their decent sound and very cool features make these tiny cans very handy for casual listening. The Sony MDR-Q68LW clip-on headphones offer easily toteable dimensions and feature a retractable lanyard between the earpieces along with a retractable headphone cord to easily stow in a shirt pocket sans tangles.

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Product Features:

  • Very good headphone designed for active-use or commuting
  • Retractable cables and extremely compact size
  • Great for casual listening like newstalk, sports radio, audio books, etc
  • Nice styling and build quality by this fine manufacturer


For exercise use and listening while actively out and about, small partially-isolating headphones like the Sony MDR-Q68LW are ideal. You'll still hear some of what's happening around you but the light isolation means not having to overcome ambient noise with sheer volume. Their MDR-Q68's secure clip-on fit design assures you can wear them even in the most get-after-it setting whether it's at the gym, hitting the treadmill, or just navigating the concrete jungle. Lightweight great-sounding neodymium magnets maximize sound quality while minimizing weight. One of the most unique headphones in the category and a great gift headphone for gym junkies.

The Sony MDR-Q68LW retractable cord is simply ingenious. Press the button on the left earpiece to retract the plug cord. Press the button on the right earpiece to automatically retract the cord between the earpieces. Voila, the Q68 will now securely fit in even the smallest desk drawer, crowded bookbag, or purse without worry. The individual earclips are fairly comfortable for the type and the extra-soft and easily replaceable ear cushions are a welcome plus on this inexpensive headphone. 90 day manufacturer's warranty.


  • Sensitivity: 108dB
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 90 Days
  • Headphone Type: Clip-on
  • Connector Type: 1/8
  • Weight: 43g w/o cord
  • Isolation: -5dB ~ 8dB
  • Driver Type: Dynamic
  • Impedance @ 1kHz: 24 Ohms
  • Detachable Cable: No
  • Cord Length: 4ft
  • Coupler Size: Small
  • Ear Coupler Type: Earpad
  • Acoustic Seal: Open

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Good workout Clip on
Posted by nonsupremous from Oklahoma on 2010-05-05

Recommend Product: Yes
Pros: Comfortable, clips stay tight, decent sound, great springs int the clips
Cons: Cord gets caught up easily

I purchased these a few weeks ago to replace my PX100's as my running headphone. First thing about these is how nice and compact they are. The retractable cords is a really nice feature.

Sound quality is actually pretty strong considering they are clip ons and they are very inexpensive. The highs are good quality. They are not piercing or shrill at all. If you add some EQ, the bass comes to life. They aren't going to pump air through your eardrums, but they do hit nicely. The mids is what stands out to me. They are quite clear and detailed. Voice and guitars sound really good. I run with the Nike Ipod system, and everytime that woman's voice comes on it scares the hell out of me.

The springs in the clips are great. I run 3 to 5 miles 3 or 4 days a week, so they do get worked pretty good. They have never bounded up and down or away from my ears at all. The clips are definitely one of the strong suits of these little guys.
My one hang up with these is the cords. They are very tiny and light weight and they do tend to catch on things quite easily. When this happens it of course pulls the headphone away from your ear. This can sometimes be quite annoying.

All in all I'd say they are a great value at 29.99. Sound is above expectation for a clip on and at this price point. As long as the retraction system holds up and doesn't tangle the cords or breaks, I'd say this was a fantastic purchase.

And a little footnote for the Headroom team. Service was exemplary as always! Thanks.

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