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Shure SE530PTH

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Wow, these little cans are darn impressive! The latest ear canal headphone (ECH) design from the audio geeks over at Shure has produced what is probably the best "universal-fit" ear canal headphones currently available -- no audiologist ear impressions needed! Expect the most expansive soundstage presentation of nearly any ECH along with accurate and rich reproduction of even intensely demanding music. The Shure SE530PTH utilizes three discrete miniaturized microdrivers -- one tweeter and two woofers -- which deliver amazingly precise mids, a silky treble range and a full-sounding, evenly balanced bass response that's likely the best-sounding bottom-end in the ear canal headphone industry. If we absolutely HAD to criticize, we'd say that the SE530PTH's upper highs might be the slightest hint 'rolled-off' for ultra-picky, demanding audiophile types. Isolation from ambient sounds is far better than any noise-canceling headphone; these cans are outstanding for the traveler who desires superb quality listening even in very noisy environs. Given the right audio source, these are true audiophile-grade earphones and easily surpass the lower-cost products in the ECH category. However, their price also easily surpasses most other ear-canal headphones too. For serious music lovers always jamming on the move, these could be the flagship earphone.

A brilliant Shure advancement is the Push-to-Hear (PTH) feature which allows the listener to attenuate the music at the flick of a switch and activate a built-in microphone located on the earphone's cabling. Now you can hear conversation without having to deal with the fastidious & precise removal/re-insertion of the earphones once you've seated them into the ear canal; it's not only a huge time-saver but also minimizes wear & tear on the earphones. You can also adjust the SE530PTHs external microphone's volume via a recessed dial so you don't get blown out by loud ambient sounds. The 'PTH' product is also available separately for use with most earphone brands for $69. Since the PTH cabling can sometimes be a bit much to carry due to the mic/battery/volume control housing, Shure thoughtfully includes an interchangeable straight 38" extension cable with no PTH attached. Also included in the SE530's premium accesories kit is a very useful 9-inch mini-cable extension (which allows the user to switch out the longer cable and keep your iPod/ Mp3 in your shirt pocket or in a handy arm strap when exercising), a full-size 1/4" plug adapter, an in-line dB attenuator for padding down very high-output sources like an airline sound system, and a shirt clip so the SE530PTH's cord doesn't stray. Of course, a complete selection of replaceable eartip sleeves (one full set of s/m/l black foam tips, one full set of s/m/l silicon-flex tips, one pair of white silicon tri-flange 'Xmas-tree' tips, and one pair of the new 'black foamies' eartips) are included in the SE530 package along with a hard-sided clamshell travel case. The earphone cable routing is the behind-the-ear style to keep potential cord obstructions and cable contact noise to a minimum. The Shure SE530PTH rates at a nicely efficient 36ohms and their sensitivity is 119dB which should ensure galvanizing audio performance from just about any portable player device, airline sound system, or even from an upscale audiophile home stereo rig. Plus their low-profile, industrial black & bronze brushed-metal color scheme is really swanky-looking and distinguishes them from the rest of the Shure line. A 2-year parts/labor warranty remains standard with all Shure earphones … Nice going Shure, definitely color us waaay impressed! Check out our "Accessories" webpage under Headphone Parts / SHURE for additional eartip sleeves.

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  • Coupler Size: Small
  • Connector Type: 1/8" with 1/4" adaptor
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 2 Years

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