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Sony MDR-DS6500 Wireless

MSRP $299.99
This product is no longer available at HeadRoom.

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You'll hear clear musical detail and superb speech/dialogue intelligibility without wires using the MDR-DS6500 headphone system that takes Sony wireless sound quality to the next level. Enjoy great long-range transmission as you free-roam the house watching movies or TV with highly intelligible speech, voices and dialogue along with the robust acoustic punch needed for powerful action sequences. Features include 7.1 or 5.1 virtual surround sound and 20 hours of battery life. Optical digital SPDiF connection ideal for newer plasma or flat-screen TVs. Wireless transmission base also doubles as headphone charging stand.

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Product Features:

  • Optical digital connection to TV provides easy hook-up
  • Huge 328ft digital wireless (2.4GHz) transmission range
  • Crystal clear audio and speech / vocal / dialogue clarity
  • 7.1 'Virtual Surround Sound' ready. Also operates in 5.1 mode
  • Compatible with newer plasma or flat-screen TVs via digital-optical connection
  • Long 20 hour run-time per charge

What's In The Box:

  • 6-volt AC power supply (North American voltages only)
  • 1.5 meter digital-optical TV connection cable
  • Wireless signal transmission base / charging stand
  • Sony owner's operating manual


Taking over from the much lauded, now-discontinued MDR-DS6000 headphones, the SONY MDR-DS6500 is a complete wireless headphone system ready for the newest flat-screen televisions and ultra-thin plasma TVs featuring optical-digital connections for their signal output -- instead of the formerly ubiquitous analog stereo RCA plugs of yore. The wireless signal transmission range is over 300ft (100 yds) meaning you can walk over to the kitchen and fix yourself a Dagwood without missing the climactic denouement of the scene or the devastating riposte of the talking heads on the news. The SONY MDR-DS6500 closed-back 'around the ears' earcup construction offers listening privacy and ambient noise isolation, always a big plus when listening in bed next to the spouse or in other quiet spots like workplace cubicles, for example. Large-wave 40mm driver arrays present music and speech with life-like detail and full body, meaning you won't have to strain just to understand movie dialogue. Plus the well-engineered sealed-back design of the MDR-DS6500 ensures the headphones will not "leak" audio, a good thing when you don't want others nearby to hear your headphones. Given the long history and excellent product lineage of the SONY 'DS' high-end wireless headphones we've stocked here at HeadRoom in the past, we think the newest MDR-DS6500 continues the SONY tradition of high-performance wireless headphones incorporating the latest technology in the industry.

The SONY MDR-DS6500 wireless headphone system offers exclusive Sony-patented 7.1 channel VPT ["Virtualphones Technology"] which allows reproduction of "three-dimensional" 3-D surround sound simulacrums as heard with multi-channel room speakers when under an optical connection to your TV. Surround sound modes include Cinema, Gaming, and Voice [stereo] emphasis. Uncompressed CD-quality transmission utilizes Dolby Digital and Dolby Pro Logic for automatic clarification of talk and film dialogue. Yet another cool plus, a 'constant-search' tuning mode optimizes the wireless transmission scheme for best signal reception instantaneously without listeners even noticing the lightning-fast digital switching intelligence at work behind the DS6500. The SONY MDR-6500 headphones themselves are an all-black color with extra-deep, extra-soft plush padding on earcups and headband. Large sealed-back 'circumaural' earcups will completely encircle the earlobes on nearly all wearers, thereby providing a mild but very solid degree of environmental noise insulation for superb listening privacy. SONY 1-year manufacturer's warranty included.


  • Connector Type: Other
  • Weight: 450 grams
  • Isolation: -10dB ~ 15dB
  • Ear Coupler Type: Full-Size
  • Driver Type: Dynamic
  • Acoustic Seal: Closed
  • Headphone Type: Full Size
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Year
  • Wireless: Yes

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Very Nice Wireless Headphones for Home Theatr!e
Posted by charliegoetze from Overland Park, KS on 2012-10-31

Recommend Product: Yes
Pros: comfortable, excellent frequency response, both digital and analog connections, great surround sound
Cons: doesn't allow you to run more than one headphone set from a base station you must buy a second base

Excellent headphones! We have two of them because they do not run more than one headset from a base station, so we needed to purchase two complete sets each with a base station to enable two listeners at a time. The Sennheiser RS-170's do not have this problem and can run two or more headsets from one base station, but these Sony's have superior frequency response to the 170's. The Sony's have both digital and analog connections, whereas the 170's do not have digital only analog. Overall we are very happy with the Sony's, but buying two complete sets of them to enable two persons to listen without disturbing the rest of the household was expensive. If you're looking to have two or more people listening I would perhaps recommend you consider the Sennheiser RS 170's where you can buy a second headphone without another base station. The 170's have closed cups for privacy, as do the Sony's. The 170's have decent surround sound mode, but not as good as the Sony's. I tried both the Sony DS6500 and the Sennheiser RS-170's and ultimately chose the Sony's, but the Sennheisers are very nice too if you don't need digital connections and want to enable two listeners without as much expense. You can get digital to analog adapters of course. The sound was the most important consideration and the Sony's won out on that account, although the Sennheisers have an excellent Sennheiser sound quality to them. So I would recommend either headphone the DS6500 or the RS-170's and they both cost about the same.

Sound Quality
Look & Feel

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what you lookin for?
Posted by DJ.d.c. from Alaska, AK on 2012-03-23

Recommend Product: Yes
Pros: easy to handle and B.A. look
Cons: not great sound quality

the best of the beats in the wireless class i do not think there that good compared to most i have...

Sound Quality
Look & Feel

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