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HiFiMAN HM-801 Player
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HiFiMAN HM-801 Player Product Reviews

HiFiMAN has released the world's best reference-grade portable player ready for your best FLAC and WAV files or other uncompressed digital music stored on a standard SD [HC] card. The HM-801 player features a level of audio technology normally found only in reference home components and never before used in portable music devices. If you've invested into a great set of headphones, the HM-801 will finally let you hear what you paid for. 32SD card and swappable internal module included. Thank goodness for audiophile sound!

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Posted by serendib from CA on 2012-02-10
Posted on HiFiMAN HM-801 Player

Recommend Product: Yes
Pros: Unrivalled sound quality
Cons: Bulky battery; no extra charging methods

The sound quality is way ahead of anything else by a mile. Detailed, fullsome, rounded and just so satisfying. I've owned ipods (tinny), iRivers (great), Cowons (great)... but both the 602 and 801 are very significantly ahead. The GUI is basic (scroll up/down/sideways) but generally easy. The buttons, though they look antiquated, are in fact very easy to use - personally I much prefer to ipod clickwheel, no disrespect intended. Just simple and reactive. I prefer 801's buttons to the swivel rocker of the 602 and its (602's) slightly too small select button..Battery life: good at 6-9 hours. (No way to charge the battery out of the 801 as no extra charger and batteries are expensive and there is no USB charging method as battery is too demanding). Don't expect video and mod cons: just expect superb sound at 44/16 or 96/24 FLAC is reccommended. Size: 602 is nicely compact but 801 ain't that bulky. Sure not as slim as any mp3 player but if you want the audio quality, you can carry this without issue on a plane (less than half a novel in size) - smaller would be nicer! Combine this with a balanced sound card from Hifiman for even more superb sound and HE-300 or RE-262 both sound great... Absolutely reccommend HM-801 and 602 for any discerning listener.

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Sounds Great. Lots of Glitches

Posted by Braces from NYC on 2011-12-08
Posted on HiFiMAN HM-801 Player

Recommend Product: Yes
Pros: Sound is warm and real. Best portable I ever had
Cons: Not easy to use.

Love the sound. Problems with loading music from the cards. Must be techno or have a lot of patients. I like the fact that you can load several cards to have various types of music.

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I love it

Posted by Tympan from OR on 2010-07-11
Posted on HiFiMAN HM-801 Player

Recommend Product: Yes
Cons: no gapless (yet)

I am surprised no one took the time to write about this wonderful player!!!
I've had mine for 3 weeks now and paired with my Denon AH-D7000 (this is an important point along with quality recordings) , what a match! Wonderful sound!
Yes, the interface isn't as good as an ipod, it does not play gapless yet and it could be smaller... BUT, it sounds SO GOOD both as a DAC (fed from my Mac) and from the SDHC cards (slightly better but not by much) And I am talking Flac and wave files, I yet have to listen to it with 24Bit files (which are supposedly even better sounding!)
In my search, I tried a few integrated/separate components including an integrated Headphone amp DAC costing $1599 but when it came to sound, I preferred the sound signature of the Hifiman, no contest, not even close, weird!
The Hifiman's sound is open, detailed, and alive. It feels a little laid back (due to the absence of fatiguing edge) but has some great dynamics, this player blooms. I find it very musical and extremely enjoyable, I love it! Good recordings sound stunning, voices are very natural and alive...
In a way, the Hifiman HF-801 reminds me of my Ls3/5a speakers, it is not perfect but has something very special to it. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT.

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