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JH Audio JH10 Pro

by: JH Audio

Special order ONLY - Please give our helpful staff a call to chat about options and comparisons or if you have any questions.

Proprietary precision balanced armatures and perfectly realized audio crossovers in the JH Audio 10 PRO deliver a cleanly nuanced, beautifully shaded musical presentation that reveals every last subtlety of the mix. Jerry Harvey is the industry-recognized king of in-ear monitors and the JHA 10PRO showcases his design prowess to listeners seeking bass-friendly reference detail without mush or bloat along with rich mids & highs; the JH 10PRO ability to bring low-level recording details and mixing/ mastering/recording cues to the forefront is simply unsurpassed. Plus the audiologist-personalized fit assures best possible isolation and wearing comfort. Superior sound to anything made by other 'custom' manufacturers.

Step one? Download the AUDIOLOGIST TIP SHEET and Contact your local audiologist for an in-ear molding appointment, then give our HeadRoom team a call and we'll take it from there! Available in almost any color under the rainbow -- you choose!

  • Product Features:

    • Dual Low Fequency Drivers
    • Single High Frequency Driver
    • Custom Tuned 2-way Crossover
    • Removable Cable
  • Specifications:

      What's In The Box:

      • Milled Aluminum Carry Case
      • Cleaning Tool
    • The JH Audio 10PRO custom earphones offer an impressive mix of supreme reference sound at a still fairly reasonable investment. For true music lovers, pro audio geeks and audiophiles on the fly, the 10PRO delivers studio-level reproduction with an engagingly warm-toned, smooth signature that's extra-easy on the ears -- a real nice plus for those seemingly endless transcontinental flights when you need a cocoon of beautiful music to keep up your spirits. The JH Audio 10PRO construction has dual (two) low drivers for awesome bass response along with a single driver encompassing mids/highs. The proprietary, JHA-patented drivers are audio tuned and painstakingly sculpted by Jerry himself for a flat accurate response across all frequencies. Acoustically, the 10PRO is seamless without being overly laid-back and completely present but yet without a trace of harsh grain evident in the vocal timbres. However, the ultra-low 13.3 Ohms impedance rating of the 10PRO begs for a dedicated head-amp for maximum detail transparency and clean dynamic extension.

      The JHA earphones 100% individually customized fit design is ideal for listeners who have small, slightly odd sized or weirdly-shaped ear canals or if you've had any trouble fitting regular generic in-ear earphones in the past. Many color choices, graphics, and cord lengths available so please call our HeadRoom Sales Dept for all questions or to place your Jerry Harvey special-order!

    • View our full featured 'Build a Graph Tool' for headphone comparisons and in-depth measurements.

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