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JH Audio JH13 Pro

by: JH Audio

Special order ONLY - Please give our helpful staff a call to chat about options and comparisons or if you have any questions.

Mr.Jerry Harvey has been the driving force behind all of the industry's best balanced-armature in-ear monitor headphones for a very long time. Think of your favorite talented musician and chances are they use Jerry's customized earphones on stage and in the studio. Now finally flying under his own banner, the JH Audio 13PRO three-crossover, six-driver array is one of the truest, most immersive audio experiences we've gotten HeadRoom ears on. Scintillating sound quality and reference acoustic performance at the very pinnacle of headphone accuracy. Compare against top customs from others and prepare for a face palm!

Step one? Download the AUDIOLOGIST TIP SHEET and Contact your local audiologist for an in-ear molding appointment, then give our HeadRoom team a call and we'll take it from there! Available in almost any color under the rainbow -- you choose!

What We Think:

We initially stood around slack-jawed, vaguely stunned, and blankly staring at each other when we first heard Jerry Harvey's audiophile masterwork, the JH Audio 13PRO in-ear monitors. Then we danced the HeadRoom Funky Chicken like we had a slice of southern honey ham inside our shoes. From that first momentous moment, it was obvious the industry has a new unchallenged leader in the high-end 'audiologist-customized' in-ear headphone category. Expect the most correct timbral / tonal detail, analytically precise musical resolution, and true rapid-fire dynamics that easily rival -- if not surpass -- the very best full-size reference headphones available. The JH Audio 13PRO soundstage imaging is nothing short of an amazing feat of in-ear engineering: deeply layered, spaciously simple, and expansive enough to recover the most nuanced room sounds and subtle instrumental cues present in any quality recording. The 13PRO mids and highs sing out sweetly and soar smoothly into the uppermost frequency strata underpinned by a fully authoritative yet tightly balanced bass response that's nearly as textural as your favorite high-end room speaker. And the JH Audio 13 PRO's customized in-ear fit ensures a uniquely comfortable wearing and listening experience even during those endless journeys at 35,000ft. We've compared these versus other 'customs' and, suddenly, there's absolutely no question who dominates the extreme of audiophile earphones -- a big HeadRoom congrats to Jerry and everyone at JH Audio!

Jerry Harvey's proprietary, patented precision balanced armatures in the JH Audio 13PRO contain dual low, dual mid and dual high frequency 'micro' speakers with integrated 3-way crossover arrays that are not only completely seamless but beautifully neutral across all frequencies. Expect a true response of 10 Hz in the lowest lows up to 20kHz in the uppermost highs and around minus -26dB of ambient noise-blocking [isolation] ability. The JH Audio 13PRO are amongst the most efficient models in the entire JHA line at 28 Ohms impedance (excellent for lower background noise floor levels) so they don't absolutely require an amp, but they'll nevertheless benefit from dedicated amplification to fully maximize their overall musical performance. We suggest partnering your customized JH13Pro earphones with a Headamp PICO and your lossless or uncompressed music source for the most satisfying in-ear listening experience possible today. Serious music lovers and the most demanding critical listener will NOT be disappointed with the JH Audio 13PRO custom earphones.

The JHA earphones 100% individually customized fit design is ideal for listeners who have small, slightly odd sized or weirdly-shaped ear canals or if you've had any trouble fitting regular generic in-ear earphones in the past. Many color choices, graphics, and cord lengths available so please call our HeadRoom Sales Dept for all questions or to place your Jerry Harvey special-order!