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JH Audio JH5 Pro

by: JH Audio

Special order ONLY - Please give our helpful staff a call to chat about options and comparisons or if you have any questions.

Expect tremendous sound at a very reasonable investment from the patented JH 5PRO balanced armature drivers. The 'entry-level' to Jerry Harvey Audio's 100% individually customized PRO line of in-ear monitors, the JH 5PRO contains beautifully responsive low (woofer) and high (tweeter) drivers delivering a rich, perfectly balanced bass response and soaring mids/highs without treble harshness or hard edges to the vocal ranges. Amazingly detailed tone and in our opinion a clear step-up from any generic custom-fit in-ear designs. Awesome stuff and radically well-priced for a truly personalized custom product.

Step one? Download the AUDIOLOGIST TIP SHEET and Contact your local audiologist for an in-ear molding appointment, then give our HeadRoom team a call and we'll take it from there! Available in almost any color under the rainbow -- you choose!

What We Think:

Although the JH 5PRO in-ear monitors are the starting point for the Jerry Harvey Audio line of completely custom earphones, the 5Pro's audio performance easily exceeds that of any 'universal-fit' earphone on the market today. The JH 5PRO multiple microdriver array presents a clean-toned yet rich tonal presence and delivers a pleasingly smooth timbral response across all frequencies for the best musical experience possible at this price. The JH 5PRO drivers are a 100% proprietary design by Jerry himself and offer a dynamic, life-like musical reproduction that less expensive generic in-ear headphones can only hint at. In tandem with your very best .WAV files or uncompressed 320kbps digital music, expect a gorgeous sonic experience anywhere you want blissful isolation and superb sound quality without the world intruding. And the 100% personalized, audiologist-molded fit ensures excellent wearing comfort even on the longest airline trips -- frequent fliers never had it so good!

The JHA earphones 100% individually customized fit design is ideal for listeners who have small, slightly odd sized or weirdly-shaped ear canals or if you've had any trouble fitting regular generic in-ear earphones in the past. Many color choices, graphics, and cord lengths available so please call our HeadRoom Sales Dept for all questions or to place your Jerry Harvey special-order!

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