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JH Audio JH7 Pro

by: JH Audio

Special order ONLY - Please give our helpful staff a call to chat about options and comparisons or if you have any questions.

High sensitivity, low-impedance, multi-driver customized in-ear monitors from the guru of balanced armature earphone design. Jerry Harvey provides in-ear monitors for stage work and recording engineering for all your favorite big-name artists. Now demanding mobile listeners wanting the best products in the category have a chance to get in on the fun with JH Audio 7PRO earphones. Dual-low drivers mate with a sweetly soaring tweeter that sonically demolishes any generic-fit earphones or other brands' more expensive custom in-ears! The first step after calling our team is heading to a local audiologist to get your in-ear impressions made then sending them off to Jerry's lab in Florida; the next will be earphone heaven inside your head.

Step one? Download the AUDIOLOGIST TIP SHEET and Contact your local audiologist for an in-ear molding appointment, then give our HeadRoom team a call and we'll take it from there! Available in almost any color under the rainbow -- you choose!

What We Think:

The JH Audio 7PRO custom earphones are a similar construction design (dual lows/single tweeter) to the 'entry-level' JHA 5PRO model, but are a clear step-up in overall musical neutrality, extension and resolution power. The 100% proprietary driver arrays in the 7PRO are expertly tuned personally by Jerry and present a slightly more analytical soundscape with improved access to the extreme edges of the frequency range. Although the differences are certainly subtle and nuanced, we think the 7PRO is a great choice for recordists, musicians and producers wanting a fairly balanced, "dry" perspective on the recording for mixing, mastering and tracking work. Location audio specialists will also be able to hear their work clearly without strain, grain, or distortion, all while nearly eliminating ambient noise intrusion. This means no more turning up the volume just to hear the headphones and a very nice thing to do for your hearing. Such excellent isolation factor and long-wearing, customized comfort also makes the JH Audio 7PRO in-ear monitors perfect for frequent airline/train travelers or for listening in noisy environments to iPods, iPhone, MP3 devices, CD players and laptop computer sources playing audiophilic high-quality uncompressed music files.

The JHA earphones 100% individually customized fit design is ideal for listeners who have small, slightly odd sized or weirdly-shaped ear canals or if you've had any trouble fitting regular generic in-ear earphones in the past. Many color choices, graphics, and cord lengths available so please call our HeadRoom Sales Dept for all questions or to place your Jerry Harvey special-order!

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