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Sennheiser HD 239

by: Sennheiser

A wonderful little headphone, the Sennheiser HD 239 delivers astonishingly good sound from its open-back earcups given its tiny ergonomic dimensions. Very robustly built, the unassuming HD239 is a terrific upgrade for any mobile audio device and strong all-around headphone with very clear, evenly balanced sonics. Able to fold for easy storage or transit, these lightweight cans are also excellently designed as typical for Sennheiser. Small but plush earcups complete the picture for maximum comfort in this category.

What We Think:
We all want to plug in our new headphones and get that 'WOW!' experience at the least possible expense. Lucky for our wallets, Sennheiser's R&D department has produced a true sound quality winner with the HD239 model. Smooth highs and richly punchy bass bracket a clean midrange that exhibits little trace of graininess or distortion even at loud listening levels. Given this can's tiny overall dimensions, its quite a big surprising sound emanating from such a little headphone. The HD239's featherweight one-piece headband design is another Sennheiser materials lab marvel and makes this one of the most comfortable and durable general purpose/home/office headphones we've worn, even during long listening sessions. The open-back (zero isolation) small-dimension on-ear cushions are thoroughly padded, quite comfy, and should provide a secure fit no matter the size of your noggin. The small earpieces also make it easy to quickly drop the headphones around your neck when needing to chat. A leap forward in high-performance/high-definition small portable headphones, the affordable HD239 will please demanding listeners as well as those just wanting supreme comfort and sound direct from iPod, iPad, MP3, laptop/PCs, or portable player devices with no amp needed; in fact, we hear very limited sonic improvement when adding a dedicated head-amp, so no worries there!

The Sennheiser HD239 comes in a a black-grey matte color with a silver mesh screen covering the open-backed supra-aural earcups. The headband adjusts for size and is outfitted with deeply padded foam/fabric cushions that are a cut above the pads found on many other portable-oriented headphones of this size. The earpad cushions are easily replaceable when they wear out. The HD239 are also extremely efficient cans rating at 32 Ohm impedance and 114dB sensitivity, ensuring excellent performance from even very weak-amped (portable) audio sources. The HD239's short non-detachable headphone cord is just over 4ft long, designed for no-tangles mobility while portable listening, and terminates to a straight 3.5mm (1/8") 'mini' plug. However, NO full-sized 1/4" plug adapter comes included in the Sennheiser HD239 packaging so make sure to pick one up if needed for your source(s). A handy travel/storage pouch is provided. The free 2-year manufacturer's product warranty remains standard with all Sennheiser headphones when proof-purchased at authorized Sennheiser vendors, like us here at HeadRoom since 1992!


  • Driver Type: Dynamic
  • Impedance @ 1kHz: 32 ohms
  • Sensitivity: 114 dB SPL/V
  • THD+N:
  • Isolation: -5dB ~ -10dB
  • Connector Type: 3.5mm (1/8")
  • Cable Length: 4 ft.
  • Cable Style: Straight Left-Side
  • Weight: 8 oz. w/o cord
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 2 year

Product Features:

  • Amongst smallest headphones with best sound quality
  • Earpieces are small in dimension but very plushly padded for excellent wearing comfort
  • Open-back earcup construction offers only very mild-to-moderate attenuation of ambient noise
  • 2-year Sennheiser manufacturer's warranty

Whats In The Box:

  • Soft storage pouch
  • Sennheiser owner's manual