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Sennheiser Momentum Headphone - Black

by: Sennheiser

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This is the original version of this line of headphones from Sennheiser.

The plush Sennheiser Momentum headphone fills a much-needed niche within the Sennheiser sealed-back arsenal and represents the German maker's finest contender in the burgeoning 'audiophile headset' category. Slim-profile circumaural earcup dimensions and sumptuous style meets full telecommunications for iPhone or iPad. Included are 2 detachable cords, one with a built-in mic + 3 button Apple controller along with a standard 'no mic' headphone cable. Supple tanned leather earpad cushions and a tough brushed steel headband frame ensures durability on your travels.

  • Product Features:

    • Detachable headphone cabling; 2 cords provided
    • iPhone / iPad-ready with mic + 3-button control cord for Apple devices
    • Full-size sealed-back circumaural earcup construction
    • Durable, lightweight brushed steel headband
    • Upscale European styling with plush leather pads tanned by Pittards-UK
    • Sennheiser travel case slim valise included
  • Specifications:

    • Driver Type: Dynamic
    • Impedance @ 1kHz: 18 ohms
    • Sensitivity: 110 dB SPL/V
    • THD+N: <0.5% (1KHz, 100dB SPL)
    • Isolation:
    • Connector Type: 3.5mm (1/8")
    • Cable Length: 4.5 ft.
    • Cable Style: Straight Left-Side
    • Weight: 190 g
    • Manufacturer Warranty: 2 year

    What's In The Box:

    • Hard-sided travel case
    • (1) 4.5ft headphone audio cable
    • (1) 4.5ft mic'd cable w/ 3-button Apple controller
    • 1/4" stereo full-size plug adapter
    • Sennheiser owner's manual
    • Momentum headphone
  • The Sennheiser-Germany materials lab is amongst the most brilliant in the headphone industry and world-renown for superb audio engineering and cutting-edge designs. The Sennheiser Momentum showcases their latest aspirations in the exploding 'headset headphone' category with an elegant and great-sounding over-the-ear headphone capable of doing many things very well. For commuters using an iPhone or iPad, the sealed-back Momentum includes a detachable cable containing a built-in mic + 3-button player control. Good environmental isolation allows use at the office cubicle or during travel without audio 'leaking' out of the cans earning you dirty looks from folks nearby. For audiophilic listening, the Momentum also includes a 'non-mic'd' cord sans any telephone features for purest sound quality. The Momentum microphone offers very good intelligibility on both sides of the call; as another plus, the mic control housing is sturdily built and avoids the chintzy feel of most other headset 3-button controls. The Sennheiser Momentum tone sticks close to the classic 'warm and smooth' signature sound heard in lauded Sennheiser reference models like the HD600 or HD650 with a solid, fun low-end extension that doesn't get in the way of clear midranges and upper highs. Safe to say, bass lovers won't feel skimped on the lows but even more analytical listeners will not miss vocal detail or upper treble 'air' and an open sense of recording space. The upper-most strata of soprano highs does sound somewhat rolled-off and exhibits a trace of the infamous Sennheiser 'veil'. However, we did not find the rounded treble shimmer a deal breaker given the category & application of this headset. In fact, within the Apple / smartphone headphone field, the Momentum may be the top choice for mobile listeners seeking a high-performance, full-featured headset ready for travel and easy portability. Although technically listed as a circumaural model by Sennheiser, the slim-profile earcup sizing of the Momentum puts it somewhere between 'small full-size' and 'large on-ear' dimensions. In either event, our testers thought the ergonomics quite comfortable and widely adjustable on a variety of heads, including our smaller wearers. The lightweight brushed steel headband construction of the Sennheiser Momentum does not fold or collapse but is exceedingly well-built and durably designed for the long haul. The Pittards UK-tanned leather earpad cushions feel amazingly soft on the ears and not overly hot thanks to fine pad breath-ability that's also made sweat and water resistant due to the upscale tanning process. A provided storage valise neatly fits the Momentum for travel and transit. We also really like the extra-sweet 'angle-adjustable' plug jack that allows either a 'straight' connection or a right-angled plug into your audio source of choice. As our biggest quibble, the Momentum microphone on cord seemed prone to picking up ambient noise, so phone calls are best performed in quieter spaces whenever possible. The cable connectivity into the Momentum headphone itself is a tiny 2.5mm [not 3.5mm] jack employing a 3-ring plug. The 2-year Sennheiser manufacturer's warranty is serviced free only with a valid 'authorized Sennheiser dealer' purchase receipt, like the ones we've provided here at HeadRoom for all our Sennheiser customers since 1992!

  • Sennheiser Momentum Frequency Response