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Shure SRH940

by: Shure

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Shure continues to develop their very well-received high-end sealed headphone line and the SRH940 lives at the top. A full-bodied, clean tone meets strikingly accurate clarity and an expertly tipped-forward presentation that precisely reproduces your favorite recordings with resolution and maximum detail. Terrific quickened dynamics allow the SRH940 full-size sealed-back headphones to synergize with any genre from rock to jazz or orchestral with poise and aplomb. Perhaps not the choice for big bass lovers but mixing / mastering audio pros and seekers of excellent upper midrange focus are in luck. Sorry, all Shure products can only ship within USA due to manufacturer restrictions.

What We Think:
Designed for studios but just as awesome for amazing personal listening, the Shure SRH 940 are circumaural 'around-the-ear' headphones that offer an intelligible and fully developed sound with a clearly distinct tone. The top-most choice within the ever-growing Shure headphone line, the SRH940 maintain the musical detail and copiously textured timbral response that has become Shure's signature 'monitoring headphone' approach. Uppermost highs are extra-extended, not blankly rolled-off like in some lower-tier models and a ubiquitously clean presence in the mid-ranges renders voices and guitars with a seamless sonance delivering excellent resolution. It's an intriguing listening experience for any musical taste but especially for classical, symphonic or orchestral aficionados. Moreover, we feel soundstage image details and 'room sound' depth will markedly improve with a HeadRoom headphone amp use employing our excellent crossfeed circuit -- another big attractant for the classically minded. No question, the bass response is a bit lean overall and can sound recessed within the mix on certain recordings, so bassheads should likely consider the warmer tone of the Shure SRH840 mode for a more impactful low-end.

The fairly low 100dB sensitivity also makes the Shure SRH940 highly benefit from dedicated amping for best clarity and low-level detail resolution when listening portably with computers or iPod / iPad sources.The Shure SRH940 reference headphones are true 'full-size' cans so they'll fit completely around the earlobes on most wearers. Very comfortable velour earpad cushions outfit the SRH940 earcups with some natty long-term durability, a nice plus for those intensive audiophile listening sessions or long work nights behind the boards. Two detachable Shure headphone cables are provided in the package, one straight (2.5 meter length) and one coiled (3 meter length), along with a handy extra set of velour fabric earpads -- which means these headphones are built to last. A durable hard-sided valise case holds the cans securely during transit or storage. The free 2-year Shure manufacturer's product warranty covers any product defects as long as the SRH940 purchase receipt shows a true 'authorized' Shure headphone dealer -- like us right at here at HeadRoom since 1992!


  • Driver Type: Dynamic
  • Impedance @ 1kHz: 42 ohms
  • Sensitivity: 100 dB SPL/V
  • THD+N:
  • Isolation: -10dB ~ -14dB
  • Connector Type: 3.5mm (1/8")
  • Cable Length: 9 ft.
  • Cable Style: Straight Y
  • Weight: 11 oz.
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 2 year
Product Features:
  • Collapsible folding design for ease of portability & storage
  • Superior transient response for quick, accurate dynamics
  • Full-size, sealed-back earcups provide excellent isolation and listening privacy
  • Free 2-year Shure manufacturer's warranty with your HeadRoom "authorized dealer" purchase receipt
  • Detachable coiled and straight cable included
Whats In The Box:
  • Shure SRH940 headphones
  • 2 types of detachable headphone cables - Straight & Coiled
  • Extra set velour earpad cushions
  • Killer Shure hard-sided storage & travel case
  • 1/4" full-size stereo plug adapter

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