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HeadRoom Announces HeadRoom Electronics

HeadRoom Corporation has officially launched it’s new manufacturing-division website, www.headroomelectronics.com. Aimed specifically at our manufactured electronics, including headphone amps, DACs, and related accessories, headroomelectronics.com is a an informational resource and dealer portal for electronics retailers and prospective buyers.

Travis Waller, CEO of HeadRoom, had this to say: “We are thrilled to launch our new manufactured-products division with the introduction of our website, headroomelectronics.com. HeadRoom Electronics gives us the opportunity to expand our customer reach by getting our products into the hands of retail partners who know how to sell high-end audio gear.  Audiophiles have been telling us for years that they’d love to experience HeadRoom products in-person at their favorite audio store before they make a purchase decision.  The launch of HeadRoom Electronics will make that a reality.”

HeadRoom Corporation was established in 1992 and pioneered headphone amps and related technology, including portable headphone amps and balanced headphone drive. Today, HeadRoom’s Retail Division, www.headphone.com, is one of the most trafficked audio sites on the web and serves as a valuable informational resource for tens of thousands of audio and music lovers.

HeadRoom seeks to form long term relationships with quality retailers who are interested in expanding their personal audio line-ups or introducing a whole new category of products that provide phenomenal sound at more affordable prices than traditional audiophile gear. The explosion in personal and mobile audio will attract long-time and new customers alike with HeadRoom’s extensive line of audio gear, including portable and home-use headphone amps, digital-to-analog converters, balanced headphone rigs, power supplies, and accessories.

A partnership with HeadRoom will introduce audio professionals and enthusiasts to the high-performance and cost-effective world of personal audio. If you’re a retailer looking for a high quality and well established brand to complement your store, send an inquiry today or visit headroomelectronics.com.

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