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Trailblazin' the New (Old) Retail Frontier

HeadRoom's Retail Storefront in Downtown Bozeman

We've been pioneers before (the web's first headphone-dedicated website, makers of the world's first USB headphone amp and  first balanced headphone amp)  ...and it looks like maybe we're doing it again.  We knew that our local community would be great supporters of our retail store recently opened in downtown Bozeman.  But we weren't expecting to get much national attention on our boot-strapped introduction of a headphone dedicated specialty store.

But it seems that’s what we’ve got.  HeadRoom’s Headphone Store has recently been featured in several local and national media outlets, including  CNET,   TheStreet.com InnerFidelity.com, and the   Bozeman Daily Chronicle.  It has taken us a while to get an official sign up on our retail location, and thus our press efforts have been very limited, but it seems interested parties do not want to wait.

Here’s a bit of what they have to say:

[quote]“Even more remarkably with@HeadRoom, is how simple the store is. Its the anti#applestore! Fascinating.”    @Digital Skeptic, via Twitter

HeadRoom is far from the only retailer beating the real-store retail drum. For investors weary of watching Web retailers struggle to find profit… done right, selling in a real store is a real business. - Jonathan Blum, TheStreet.com

“After all, it's one thing to read about a headphone, it's way better to have it on your head and listen” - Steve Guttenberg, CNET.com

“Experiencing the store, all the options, and having someone help them find headphones that match their needs fills in blanks the consumer wasn't even aware of until that eye, and ear opening moment.”  - Tyll Hertsens, InnerFidelity.com[/quote]

Some of our favorite headphones catch many an eye, and ear, of downtown Bozeman shoppers.

We’ve also had more than a few out-of-town visitors who have made a point to stop while in the Bozeman area, and even a few who made a trip from out of town. (Last year we had a customer drive all the way from Los Angeles to audition headphones, make a purchase, and then turn around and drive home.)  Nearly all of them ask- “Do you have a store in [insert major city];  or do you have plans to open one?”

Of course the key to any store's success is the ability to turn a profit.  Thanks to our existing online business operation at headphone.com, we have quite a leg up in business and inventory efficiencies compared to others.  Even then, the challenge of being a small local consumer electronics retailer is not to be underestimated.

So, here in the Great White West, are we on the forefront of a retail renaissance?  (Or are we just  blowing too much smoke out of our peace pipes?) Tell us how you think a headphone store would do in your town, and check out a few more photos of our retail space over on Facebook.

(...Have we mentioned that Bozeman is truly one of the best places on earth?  Just another great excuse to plan your next visit to Big Sky Country.  We’ll keep the CD player on repeat for you.)

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