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  • Headphone Extensions - A headphone extension can be used to extend the length of headphone cable. 
  • Headphone Replacement Cables - Some specific models of headphones offer replacement cables.
  • Mini to Mini Cables - Mini to mini cables use an 1/8" analog connection at both ends.
  • Mini to RCA Cables - An 1/8" mini connector on one end, RCA (left and right) connections on the other.
  • RCA to RCA Cables - A standard cable featuring two RCA connections (left and right) on both ends.
  • XLR Cables - XLR cables have 3-pin (positive, negative, ground) connections used for balanced-drive.
  • USB Cables - Universal Serial Bus cables are used with computers and laptops.
  • Optical Cables - Optical cables, sometimes called Toslink cables, are digital cables for specific purposes

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