If You Must Have Just One Set of Great Headphones (for many of us), It's a Closed/Sealed Headphone 

Closed headphones - also called 'sealed' headphones - have a sealed-back, non-vented earcup that isolates listeners from external noise while minimizing headphone audio 'leakage' that can be heard by those around you.

Closed headphones are normally identified by a solid plastic, wood, metal or other non-breathable covering the outer back of the earcup, rather than a vented mesh grill or grate-type design as with open headphones

  • Noise Blocking- Closed headphones typically block around -10 dB to -15 dB of ambient noise, which usually minimizes a modest to fair amount of background sounds depending on the size and quality of the earpad coverage of the ear. Closed headphones also minimize audio leakage coming out from the cans.
  • Styles & Features- Closed headphones can be full-size or on-ear with a plethora of features and styles.  There are great headset and smartphone-ready versions and folding portable models with pouches or cases for transit. Detachable headphone cables are now widely available on many sealed-back headphones. Of course, sound quality and features typically will improve as the price goes up.
  • Sound Quality- Nowadays, the very best closed headphones can effectively compete in sound quality performance with top open-back headphones. Most audio professionals - DJs, location recordists and studio producers - use closed headphones to prevent ambient noise distractions and allow clearer focus on the musical work.
  • Bottom Line? Closed-back/sealed headphones can deliver an excellent listening experience.  In fact, closed headphones are our most popular recommendation for a variety listening environments & activities. Check the selection below of our favorite sealed-back/closed headphones in all styles and prices. Or just use the filters at left to narrow down your candidates!