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If you have to live with only one pair of good headphones, for many of us, it’s a closed headphone.  Or, they’re likely to play a leading role in your headphone cast.

Closed headphones, also called sealed headphones, have a sealed-back earcup that isolate listeners from outside noise.  Closed headphones are usually easily identified by a solid piece of metal, plastic, or other non-breathable material on the outer backing of the earcup, rather than a grill or grate.

  • Noise Blocking-  Closed headphones typically block around 10-15 dB, which usually drowns out moderate background noise depending on the particular headphone.  They also prevent others nearby from hearing music leaking out of your headphones.
  • Styles & Features- Closed headphones can be full-size or on-ear with a plethora of feature choices.  Look for headset and iPhone ready versions, folding and case-equipped travel models, detachable cables, and striking colors at an array of price points and sound characteristics.
  • Sound - Nowadays, the very best closed headphones will compete in sound quality with the best in open style headphones. Most audio audio professionals- DJs, location recordists, and studio producers use closed headphones to prevent intrusion of ambient noise distractions.
Bottom Line? Closed headphones provide an excellent bang-for-buck listening experience.  It's no wonder closed headphones are one of our most popular recommendations for many listening environments and activities.

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