Sure, earbuds aren't known to be the King of HiFi.  But if you still have the stock earbuds that came with your phone, pad or player; good news-- better can be had from in-ear headphones.

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Earbuds are a funny bunch-- widely available, extremely affordable, insanely convenient. But finding some that sound decent can be surprisingly challenging. They serve any one purpose with some competence, but very few specific activities particularly well. Yet, who doesn't have at least a couple pair of earbuds lying around?
Earbuds seat into the center of your outer ear at the entrance of your ear canal, called the concha ridge.  Cheap earbuds often sound poorly detailed and, because of their small size and lack of seal within the ear canal, they are also often woefully lacking in bass response. However, many portable listeners find earbuds easy to wear and unobtrusive to use so we've carefully selected a few models that make a nice upgrade for lowly 'stock' earbuds.