Headphone Amps are simply small dedicated power amps specially designed to drive the miniature speakers inside headphones.

Top headphone amps partnered with great headphones can deliver sound quality comparable to an audiophile home stereo at a fraction of the cost!

Chances are the first time you hear a high-quality headphone system with an excellent source, you'll be astonished by the intense detail of the music.

With the best headphones and headphone amps, resolution, clarity and dynamics can actually surpass big speakers thanks to the complete immersiveness of the listening experience and the very low harmonic distortion possible with the truly excellent miniaturized drivers (i.e, "speakers") found inside top headphones.

Our own made-in-Montana HeadRoom headphone amplifiers use the best high-quality parts and electronics available to deliver robust clean power for any good headphone. Headphone amps can also improve dynamic extension with a clearer tone and a deeper timbre for a more spacious, 3-dimensional sound presentation.

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NOTE: While a few high-end headphones will absolutely require a headphone amp to be powered properly, most good headphones can benefit to some degree from a headphone amp, especially when used from a portable device. However, a headphone amp is typically not needed for the vast majority of standard consumer headphones priced under $150-$200.