The Apple iPad offers a vast library of portable music, music and online media content right at our fingertips, and quality headphones are a necessary accessory.

iPad Headphones

The best iPad headphones for you will depend on the feature-set you're looking for as well as the style, price range, and what you'll be doing when you use your iPad or iPad Mini.  

  • On ear orover ear headphones are the best choice for those wanting a traditional style headphones, and are available with noise cancelling, microphone, and other features.  
  • In-ear headphones block out significant noise, and are an excellent choice for travel, commutes, or anywhere the listener needs to block out significant ambient noise.  
  • Wireless is also a popular request for iPad headphones, and anybluetooth headphone will work with an iPad. Wireless headphones are very convenient to use, but be aware that wireless headphones generally cost more and do not sound as good as a wired counterpart.  
  • Headset models, or any headphone with a microphone, is also very popular for iPads for those wanting to send and receive calls seamlessly.