'Behind the neck' headphones loop around the neck rather than across top of the head

Behind the neck -- or as some call them 'neckband' -- headphones have a headband construction design that loops behind the lower part of the head. Neckband designs can allow you to wear a hat or helmet and will conveniently not mess up that beautiful mop of hair coiffure. The behind-the-neck fit style is often very secure and stable on the head, so this type of headphone makes a great candidate for active uses, exercise-oriented or sport activities. Some listeners may also find this type of design more comfortable to wear versus standard headphones. HeadRoom offers several excellent behind-the-neck headphones from top brands like Polk, Sennheiser, Grado, Sony, and Beyerdynamic.

For more information about 'behind the neck' headphones, please see our HeadRoom behind the neck selection guide.