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Sennheiser is truly a world-leader in manufacturing fine headphones and HeadRoom is proud of our strong relationship with Sennheiser since 1992. From making the world's first open-back 'audiophile' headphones -- the now-legendary HD414 -- to the 2009 release of the industry flagship HD 800, Sennheiser has continuously pushed the boundaries of audio quality and product design. HeadRoom is Sennheiser's leading North American retailer for the HD800, and today we are pleased to offer Sennheiser headphones/accessories including open-back, closed/sealed, in-ear, earbud, wireless, and noise-canceling models. Established in 1945 in Wedemark Germany, Sennheiser remains a research leader in high-resolution headphones, wireless audiophile sound transmission, ring radiator headphone transducer development, and in advanced active noise-cancellation and wire-free Bluetooth headphones.