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It's a demanding job, but somebody's gotta do it.. Make sure your studio headphones are up to the task.

There are a few major requirements for studio headphones to survive and thrive in the rough and tumble world of professional use.

Sound.  The headphones must sound detailed and accurate.  Look for a fairly flat frequency response curve, indicating there is no major exaggerations of bass, mids, or treble.

Closed. The headphones should be closed-back, also known as sealed, so the listener is isolated from ambient environmental noises.  Closed headphones also prevent sounds from leaking out during close-mic recording work.

Durability.  Seriously, these headphones need to be very durable to survive the hard working environment of a recording studio. Although we advise better treatment, a hook shot into a milk crate from halfway across the room may be the level of tender loving care studio headphones will get!

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