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Relax, and Enjoy the Journey. Get blissful silence, or at least closer to it, with travel headphones.  

Whether it's airplane, train, or automobile, the best travel headphones will isolate outside noise while providing a great listening experience.

Features like foldability, microphones, and sleek carrying cases have contributed to the mass popularity of headphones on the roads and skies… personally, we wouldn't want to travel any other way!

  • Noise cancelling headphones are an excellent train and airplane headphone; specifically designed to block the constant low frequency rumble of engine noises.  They provide ~15-22dB of isolation, and usually employ a canceling switch with easily replaceable batteries.
  • In Ear Headphones offer the most noise isolation at  ~18-30dB. They offer excellent sound quality in a small and compact package, often with microphone capabilities. Top sealing in-ear models will provide better isolation than noise cancelling headphones, particularly in upper frequencies (like human voices).
  • Closed headphones provide less isolation, ~10-20dB, and are not as effective isolating low frequencies typically heard in airplanes and other mass transit. On the upside, top closed headphones can sound very, very good at much lower prices and function beautifully in other environments like a dorm room or office cubicle.