Phiaton PS 210 BTNC Headphone

The Phiaton PS 210 BTNC in-ear headphones employ the most advanced wireless Apt-X/SBC Bluetooth 3.0 codec and active noise-cancelling [NC] technology currently available in the industry. Featuring their famously comfortable 'half in-ear' ergonomic earpiece design, the PS 210 BTNC provides every dang possible modern accoutrement to make your Phiaton in-ear headset the most full-featured travel listening experience out there. Apple iPad / iPhone remote controller and a built-in microphone that remains compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled smartphones allows easy flexibility with nearly any mobile device you own.

What We Think:
Perhaps the best-performing Bluetooth / wireless in-ear + noise-cancelling in-ear headphone we've heard to date at HeadRoom, the Phiaton PS210 BTNC provides a whole host of modern features and telecommunication abilities to ensure your smartphone, computer or tablet of choice has never sounded so good with such broad flexibility of use. That unpleasant gritty edge and honking tone of old Bluetooth wireless headsets from a few years ago is thankfully long gone; the PS210BTNC is the first of a new breed of wire-free headphones with sound quality formerly only the domain of pricey high-end 'wired' in-ear models. Employing the very latest Bluetooth 3.0 codec technology plus 'active' battery-powered environmental noise-cancelling means the PS210BTNC are the ultimate traveler's in-ears, ready for transit and daily commuting without any other extraneous headphone amps or plug adapters needed regardless of which Bluetooth-enabled device you use. Also works in standard 'wired' mode with an included headphone cable.

The noise-blocking performance joins with Phiaton's APT-X/SBC wireless transmission scheme delivering uncompressed CD-quality sound, so load up your player with your favorite Lossless recordings and you'll be impressed at the high caliber of musical detail and smoothness heard in the PS210 BTNC.The Phiaton PS210 BTNC features a neat silver aluminum color matched by a controller on cord containing all the sundry buttons for feature set operation. The headphone recharges its internal lithium-polymer battery via a 'mini' USB cable (provided) from any computer USB connection. The Phiaton's built-in microphone has proprietary 'Echo-Off' noise rejection that minimizes that disturbing ring of your voice to the party on the other end of your call. As another plus, the headphone works with a standard cable in situations where wireless Bluetooth is not possible (airline flights) or if the battery runs down. Expect about 11-12 hrs of run time from the Phiaton PS210 BTNC per charge. 


  • Driver Type: Dynamic
  • Impedance @ 1kHz: 32 ohms
  • Sensitivity: 108 dB SPL/V
  • Isolation: -12dB ~ -19dB
  • Connector Type: 3.5mm (1/8")
  • Weight:
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year

Product Features:

  • New Bluetooth 3.0 compatible for superb CD-quality sound
  • Active noise-cancellation delivers near-total 95% environmental noise-blocking
  • Phiaton 'EverPlay-X' technology allows use with almost all devices
  • Works either in wireless Bluetooth or standard 'wired' modes
  • Very comfortable 'half in-ear' ergonomic earpiece design
Whats In The Box:
  • Phiaton pouch carrying case
  • 4 sizes - black silicon eartips [XS/S/M/L]
  • 1 set - Comply soft foam eartips
  • USB charging cable
  • Neck wearing strap
  • Phiaton owner / operator manual

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