TV Headphones are Wireless Headphones Specifically Designed for Watching Television and Movies.  


Headphones for TV are tuned for the best possible speech intelligibility. By placing the headphone speaker right next to your ear and controlling boomy low-end bass response, you'll be able to hear the dialogue with vastly improved clarity.

Among the best sounding options in the TV wireless field come from the German company Sennheiser which employs a 'Kleer' wireless technology for their top TV headphones. There's also more conventional, less expensive RF (Radio Frequency) signal wireless TV headphones available as well.  

How To Connect Wireless Headphones To Your TV

It's easy! As shown in the diagram at right, just connect the headphone base station transmitter to the analog audio output of your TV or cable/satellite box with a set of RCA audio cables, which typically come with red & white colored plugs for clear identification of the left/right connections.  

If your TV is a newer model and only has a digital optical (or Toslink) connection, the top series of Sennheiser wireless TV headphones (RS 175 / RS 185 / RS 195) provide a digital/optical input built right in the transmitter base for an easy no muss, no fuss connection solution. 

Once connected, the TV speakers will be adjustable via normal TV controls, while the headphone listener will use the volume control directly on the headphones.

In some instances, the headphone base wireless transmitter unit can also be plugged directly into the headphone jack on your TV, although sound quality will likely be poorer. Connecting via this method will also typically disable the built-in TV speakers.  

For an in-depth discussion of wireless headphones for TV, read our Blog post Finding the Best TV Headphones.

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