64 AUDIO tia Trió™ Universal-Fit earphones

The 64 AUDIO tia Trió™ Universal-Fit earphones are the perfect balance between reference quality sound and personal entertainment. Featuring a fully-tubeless design, the breakthrough patent-pending tia™ system consists of the tia single-bore, tia acoustic chambers, and the proprietary open balanced armature tia drivers. You won’t miss a beat or a bass line thanks to the dynamic driver that provides weight and punch to the trio’s musical low end.

The Frequency eXtension Chamber allows for superior mid-range control on a back-vented dynamic driver and paves the way for perfectly placed mid frequencies, giving vocals and instruments a remarkably natural sound. Detailed and reliable upper mids are relaxed in presentation and layer easily into the smooth and extended ‘tia top-end’, the signature of any IEM bearing the tia high-driver. All of this technology is housed in an ergonomic shell machined out of a solid piece of aluminum. With a stunning brushed aluminum faceplate, the 64 Audio tia Trió is a durable and equally elegant addition to the T-Series line-up.

Featured in the Trió is apex™, a pneumatically-interactive vent that relieves fatigue-causing sound pressure inherent in other earphone designs. Also featured is LID technology, ensuring the Trió maintains its sound signature regardless of the source - perfect for musicians and music lovers plugging into a variety of equipment.

Key Features

  • tia SYSTEM
    The tia high driver is located in the tia single bore (canal stem). Because of the extremely short sound path of the high driver, we’ve achieved a remarkable high-frequency extension and smoothness.
  • APEX
    A revolutionary technology that eliminates pneumatic pressure that causes excessive eardrum movement. By removing pneumatic pressure from the ear canal, sound is felt to be more spacious and outside the head when compared to traditional earphones.
  • Center Drive
    A superior balanced armature driver design that pushes the diaphragms in the center. This yields a deeper, more dynamic bass response.
    The single-bore design is a huge leap in eliminating unwanted tube resonance. The large bore itself serves as a sound-shaping chamber and aids the tia high driver in delivering a linear and coherent frequency response.
    The patent-pending Linear Impedance Design allows the earphone to retain its intended frequency response no matter the source it’s plugged in to.
    This chamber provides additional air volume allowing for superior control and extension of the mid-frequencies on a back-vented dynamic-driver.
    The body of the earphones are machined out of a solid piece of aluminum for ultimate durability and feature a beautiful matte finish.
  • Product Highlights:

    • Tia Acoustic Chambers
    • Tia High Driver
    • Tia Single Bore
    • Internal apex Technology
    • LID Technology
    • FXC - Frequency eXtension Chamber
    • Anodized Aluminum Shells
    • 48" Detachable Cable
    • Universal-Fit
    • Warranty: 1-year Parts and Labor
  • Specs:

    • Transducer Type: 2 precision BA drivers, 1 dynamic driver
    • Transducer Configuration: 1 tia high, 1 high-mid, 1 dynamic mid/low
    • Freq. Response: 5Hz – 22KHz
    • Sensitivity: 104db @1kHZ @1mw
    • Impedance 5.5 +.5/-1.5 Ω from 10Hz – 20kHz
    • Crossover: Integrated 3-way passive crossover
    • Isolation: -15dB internal apex technology

    What's In The Box:

    • 64 Audio Personalized Protective Case
    • Dehumidifier
    • Cleaning Tool
    • Shirt Clip
    • TrueFidelity Eartips (S,M,L)
    • Silicone Eartips (S,M,L)
    • 48" Detachable Premium Cable
    • Round Sticker
    • Product Manual