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Audeze iSine10 In-Ear Headphones

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New Audeze iSine10 planar magnetic in-ear headphones.  Coming early December 2016 from Audeze!

Our entire headphone.com review team had the opportunity to spend a bit of solid quality time with the pre-release versions of the Audeze iSine in-ear headphones at the 2016 Rocky Mountian Audio Show in Denver. We thought they were clearly the breakout product at the event.

The sound from the open-back earpieces was beautifully detailed, vastly expansive and deeply smooth with a solid bass slam that made us re-think the concept of what defines superior low-end response in the in-ear category.

The iSine 10 model offers a slightly less dimensional imaging ability and a shallower low-end texture compared to the more expensive iSine 20 edition - but the overall acoustic differences are not at all 'night & day'. Listeners can expect a bit more refinement and transparency from the upscale iSine20 with slightly faster dynamic quickness into the top end, but the iSine 10 certainly holds its own in terms of deep musical clarity and sonic impact.

The iSine 10 Apple Lightning plug cable contains the Audeze Cipher 24-bit amp/DAC built into the cord which lends the iSine headphones excellent tone-shaping flexibility along with some glossy DSP audio shine.

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