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Audeze LCD-2 High Performance Planar Magnetic Headphone - Shedua/Leather Pads

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Manufactured in the USA by a specialty audiophile headphone company, the Audeze LCD-2 Shedua Wood Edition is a planar-magnetic driver design (aka 'Orthodynamic') delivering richly detailed, full-toned accuracy that makes it highly attractive to audiophiles employing superb sources and headphone amps in their audio arsenal. Deep imaging, dead-accurate transients and a simple transparency that sounds great with any genre or recording makes the LCD-2 Shedua one of our favorite headphones ever at HeadRoom. With leather pads, genuine bamboo wood ear-cups, sleek black metal connectors and travel case.  The Fazor driver technology from Audeze creates a dynamic yet musical sound signature. 

  • Product Features:

    • Planar magnetic transducers deliver richly detailed accurate sound
    • Custom designed sustainable Shedua wood earcups
    • Comfortable and supple lambskin leather headband
    • Specially designed premium lambskin leather earpads
    • Durable hard-sided travel case included
    • Sleek black metal headphone plug connectors
    • Engineered & manufactured in the USA
  • Specifications:

    • Driver Type: Planar Magnetic
    • Impedance @ 1kHz: 70 ohms
    • Sensitivity: 101 dB SPL/V
    • THD+N: <1%
    • Connector Type: 1/4"
    • Cable Length: 8.2 ft. (2.5 m)
    • Cable Style: Straight Y
    • Weight: 1.08 lbs (490 grams) w/o cord
    • Manufacturer Warranty: Limited 3 Year (drivers), 1 Year (parts)

    What's In The Box:

    • Hard-sided ABS plastic travel case (flight approved)
    • Audeze LCD-2 Headphones
    • 1/4" terminated headphone cable
    • 1/4" to 3.5mm (1/8") adapter
  • The first Audeze LCD-2 headphones were introduced in late 2009 to an astonished headphone world. Manufactured by Alexander Rosson and his team in Southern California, Audeze has ascended meteorically through the headphone firmament to reign supreme as many dedicated audiophiles' reference headphone of choice. The LCD2 Shedua comes with real shedua wood earcups and has a joyful sense of musical engagement and a gorgeous timbre entrancing to listeners gravitating towards round, clear bass buttressing focused vocal midranges and extremely detailed but not overly 'dry' or analytical highs. Although still presenting a similar overall signature sound as the first LCD-2, the newest Audeze LCD-2 Shedua edition features improved driver transducers with thinner, more responsive diaphragm membranes capable of rendering a wider, more stably '3-dimensional' floating soundstage image. The new transducer engineering also allows low frequencies to stay flat down to 5 Hz (!) with a smoother tonal presence in the mids and very cleanly pronounced uppermost highs. It's a fantastically fun, extremely musical sound and one we recommend every serious headphone lover or deep music freak should get their ears on.

    Audeze’s hand-tooled manufacturing process combined with the advanced materials and technology produce extremely accurate and incredible sounding headphones. The Audeze LCD-2 Shedua uses a proprietary thin-film diaphragm housed between a unique, highly efficient push-pull magnetic structure. The LCD-2 Shedua earcups are constructed with hand-selected, 100% sustainable Shedua wood for superior looks and minimal earcup resonance factor.  The gorgeous Shedua wood allows Audeze more consistency in design and manufacture and offer a stellar tone equal to the hard-to-get (and increasingly endangered!) Caribbean Rosewood offered on the LCD-2 as an option. The sloped, precisely angled earpad cushions are made of premium lambskin leather with a special foam density designed to offer just the right amount of firmness for many hours and years of comfortable listening joy. Another great improvement we've noticed with the most recent LCD-2 editions is the improved ergonomics and lighter headband pressure making these a much more comfortable wearing experience for long listening session when compared to the previous LCD-2 ergonomics. Awesome work, Audeze!

    This Audeze LCD-2 Shedua headphones feature the newest upgraded lambskin leather headband / earpads and comes with a hard-sided flight-approved travel case for safekeeping these miraculous cans. The provided headphone cable is a slightly underwhelming flat-wound 'Y'-cord that extends about 8ft and terminates a full-size 1/4' stereo plug. We highly recommend upgrading to our superb Cardas headphone cabling for LCD-2. The free 3 year manufacturer's warranty in effect only with your HeadRoom 'authorized Audeze dealer' purchase receipt.

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