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Audeze LCD-2 High Performance Planar Magnetic Headphone - Shedua/Leather Pads

Designed and manufactured in California USA by one of the world's top audiophile headphone companies, the Audeze LCD-2 Shedua wood edition is an open-back planar magnetic headphone offering a well-detailed, smooth acoustic accuracy. The buttery presentation and clean transparency of the LCD2 Shedua is a sweet siren song to music freaks using good uncompressed audio sources and a nice headphone amp in their listening set-up.

The LCD-2 Shedua remains among Audeze's most affordable audiophile models. Really, it's a shameless gateway drug into their addictive uber high-end cans like the LCD-3 and the devastating Audeze LCD-4 headphones, which tops out around $4,000. Given its relatively accessible price, the LCD2 Shedua is nothing short of simply irresistible audiophile headphone crack.

The Audeze LCD-2 Shedua doesn't quite have the expansive dimensional imaging and controlled intensity of the LCD-4's solar plexus gut-punch or the speedy dynamic quickness of the LCD-3. Instead, we hear a less demanding, more easily paced sound that is pleasantly rounded while being totally faithful to the music and the recording. The freshly updated 'Fazor' planar magnetic drivers generate slightly improved extension at the edges of the frequency range versus previous LCD-2 iterations with a clearly organized, richly rendered musicality that is thoroughly engaging, simple and unhyped.

It's this alluring combo of smoothness joined with a clean transient response and an uncluttered soundstage presentation that makes the Audeze LCD-2 Shedua among our top audiophile headphones at the 'under-1K' tier. The best thing for us is that the LCD-2 synergizes well with any recording or music style - it's not picky about sounding good. We think the LCD-2 delivers a superlative high-end headphone value that belies its affordable cost of entry compared to other headphones even at twice its price. Our expert Headphone.com review team uniformly thinks the Audeze LCD-2 Shedua is a wonderful listening experience and a very highly recommended headphone.

Size-wise, the Audeze LCD-2 Shedua headphone will nicely fit folks of medium and larger head dimensions without any comfort worries. If you're on the smaller noggin side of things, the LCD2 is a big and slightly bulky full-size headphone, so there's a chance you might get a bit swallowed up by the deep-well earpads and large headband frame. The old adage, "try before you buy" may apply here for ergonomically sensitive listeners. Naturally, our world-famous Headphone.com 'no-hassle' 30 day return policy makes that a totally easy thing!

The Audeze LCD-2 Shedua features luxuriously plush lambskin leather earpads, sustainable 100% Shedua wood earcups, a detachable headphone cable terminating to a beefy 1/4" stereo plug [3.5mm 'mini plug' adapter included] plus an excellent hard-sided travel case. A 2-year manufacturer's 'repair or replace' product warranty fully covers you in case of any eventuality only when the LCD-2 Shedua is proof-purchased from true authorized Audeze dealers - like us right here at Headphone.com!

  • Product Features:

    • Planar magnetic transducers deliver richly detailed accurate sound
    • Custom-designed sustainable Shedua wood earcups
    • Comfortable supple lambskin leather headband and earpads
    • Durable hard-sided travel case included
    • Sleek black metal headphone plug connectors
    • Engineered & manufactured in Southern California USA
  • Specifications:

    • Driver Type: Planar Magnetic
    • Impedance @ 1kHz: 70 Ohms
    • Sensitivity: 101 dB SPL/V
    • THD+N: <1%
    • Connector Type: 1/4"
    • Cable Length: 8.2 ft. (2.5 m)
    • Cable Style: Straight Y
    • Weight: 1.08 lbs (490 grams) w/o cord
    • Manufacturer Warranty: Limited 3 Year (drivers), 1 Year (parts)

    What's In The Box:

    • Hard-sided ABS plastic travel case (flight approved)
    • Audeze LCD-2 headphones
    • 1/4" terminated headphone cable
    • 1/4" to 3.5mm (1/8") plug adapter
  • Audeze LCD-2 Frequency Response Measurement

    View our full featured 'Build a Graph Tool' for headphone comparisons and in-depth measurements.

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