Campfire Audio Solaris Earphones

Campfire Audio's brand new flagship IEM is here, the Solaris. Campfire has taken everything they learned from the Polaris, Andromeda, Atlas and Vega and combined it into the ultimate hybrid driver IEM experience!

Holographic presentation. Intimate detail retrieval. Soaring highs, engaging mids and impactful bass. Music sounds like music with lifelike performances, superior layering and unbelievable imaging. The traditional wall between high end two-channel hi-fi and personal audio just got thinner.

Pure Sonic Excellence
  • Solaris is a hybrid design, blending the best of the balanced armature performance with the physicality of dynamic drivers. It features 2 custom balanced armature drivers paired with Campfire Audio's T.A.E.C technology for highs that aren't going to make your ears bleed and fatigue reduction. A larger single rear-ported balanced armature driver provides rich delivery of mid frequencies. A specially tuned version of Campfire Audio's 10mm A.D.L.C. dynamic driver (used in their recently released Atlas IEM), optimized with Campfire Audio's Polarity Tuned Chamber, anchors the sonic performance with deeply engaging mid-frequency tonality and visceral bass response. This is not the Andromeda nor the Atlas. The Solaris is bigger and better.
  • The Solaris is a very spacious IEM and definitely has the largest soundstage of the entire Campfire Audio lineup and one of the largest soundstages among any IEM currently. Campfire Audio describes it as a holographic presentation and we would say that is a very apt description of the brand new Campfire Audio Solaris.
Hand-Made in Portland, Oregon
  • Ken Ball and his team in Portland assemble every Solaris IEM in their workshop in Portland, Oregon to guarantee that every headphone that leaves their hands and arrives in yours is the highest quality possible.
Brand-New Super Litz Cable
  • With the release of the Solaris, not only did Campfire Audio come out with a new Flagship IEM in their line-up, but they also have released a brand new flagship cable. The Super Litz cable is made from four large conductors of Silver-Plated Copper Litz wire. The Super Litz cable is the perfect balance of physical gauge and performance. The cable is terminated with Campfire Audio's beryllium/copper MMCX connectors and over-molded 3.5mm plug. And the best news with this cable is that it ships with the Solaris!