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Etymotic Research

Etymotic ER-20 Large Fit Attenuator - 1 Pair

High-fidelity Etymotic ER-20 'Large Fit' ambient noise attenuators from the audiology geniuses at Etymotic Research in Illinois. These earplugs will attenuate approximately -12dB ~ -20dB of external sound evenly across the entire frequency range depending on caliber of fit. Speech and music stays clear with ambient sound reduced to safe levels for long-term listening. Ideal for musicians, mosh pit fiends, or audio enthusiasts seeking to reduce noise fatigue and protect their hearing from permanent damage. Also serves as great hearing protection for loud workplaces. Protect your ears -- they're the last ones you've got! PLEASE, no HeadRoom returns/exchanges on this item once package opened!

  • Product Features:

    • Attenuates ambient noise up to -12dB across most of the audible frequency range
    • Ergonomic 'into-the-ear-canal' fit design compatible with most wearers
    • Manufactured by leaders in USA audiology research, Etymotic
  • Specifications:

    • Balanced audio spectrum isolation -12dB to -20dB

    What's In The Box:

    • Etymotic ER-20 attenuator earplugs - 1 Pair
    • Hard-sided storage / travel box
  • Etymotic originally got their industry start in the 1950s doing audiology research and hearing audiometry studies, so rest assured some serious audio engineering know-how is imbedded within the design of their ER-20 Large Fit earplugs. The ER-20 offer a very easy-fitting earplug construction that blocks out loud ambient noise very well but still allows you to hear evenly balanced sonics and true acoustic detail. Perfect for rockin' musicians or factory workers in extremely loud environments, the ER-20 offer -12dB up to -20dB of overall ambient noise-blocking. Please safeguard your ears -- they're the last ones you've got! Opaque white/clear color. PLEASE, no HeadRoom returns or exchanges on this item once package has been opened.

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