Final Audio E3000 Earphones

The Final Audio E3000 in-ear headphones are probably the best bang for your buck in-ear headphones that are on the market. Between the sound quality, the comfort, and the nice-looking housing, it is impossible to go wrong with the E3000 from Final Audio. The E3000 offers a nice, natural sound that can easily compete with in-ears that are 3x their price. They easily hold their own through the low-end to the high-end meaning you still get the bass response you want from your in-ear headphones while getting clarity that is on another level that you won’t get from Beats, Apple Earbuds, Etc…

The E3000 deliver quality far beyond their price range and we are excited to see what Final comes up with next in their E series. If you’ve never tried a Final Audio headphone before, the E3000 is a great place to start!

Final has just announced their new E4000 and E5000. The E4000 will be around $179 and the E5000 somewhere around $279. We haven't heard them yet but we sure are excited for them. However for those prices, it means the E3000 still holds it's place among the budget kings of in-ears.

  • Product Highlights:

    • Sound creation based on acoustic engineering and psychology
    • Unique swing-fitting earpiece mechanism
    • 6.4mmφ dynamic driver unit
    • Highly rigid machined stainless steel housing
    • Stainless steel mesh housing back
    • Original ear pieces that come in 5 sizes
    • Ear hooks that alleviate cable touch noise
    • Original cable that suppresses touch noise
  • Specs:

    • Housing: Stainless steel mirror-finished
    • Driver: 6.4mmφ dynamic driver
    • Sensitivity: 100 db/mw
    • Impedance: 16ω
    • Weight: 14g
    • Cord length: 1.2m

    In The Box

    • Final Audio E3000 in-ear headphones
    • Silicon ear pieces (e type 5 sizes)
    • Ear hook
    • Carrying pouch