Focal Elear Bundle with Ear Pads and Carrying Case

Ear Pads is proud to present, for the very first time in partnership with Focal, the exclusive Focal Elear with your choice of earpads (Focal Clear Earpads or Focal Utopia Earpads) along with Focal's Hard-Shell Carrying Case.

Coming in at just $799, the Focal Elear bundle represents tremendous value. Not only can you choose between the Focal Clear or Focal Utopia ear pads, the bundle also ships with the original Elear pads meaning you can customize the sound and comfort to your liking. Since the bundle also includes the Focal Hard-Shell carrying case, it means you can take your Elear with you wherever you go. Small, sleek and elegant, the hard-shell case will fit the headphones, the extra ear pads along with the Focal Elear cable with no issues while fitting in your travel bag. We are very excited to be partnering with Focal to bring this bundle to our loyal customers and new customers alike!

When the Open-Back, Over-Ear Focal Elear was first released back in 2016, it was met with mostly excellent reviews. Priced at $999, it was the dream headphone for many. But for others, the low-end slam on the Elear was a little too much for their liking. This bundle is not only perfect for those who already enjoy the Elear (who doesn't love an extra pair of pads and a case thrown in) but for those who liked the Elear but felt the bass was too much. Both the Focal Utopia ear pads and Focal Clear ear pads will help tame some of that slam while changing up the mid-range and the treble.

Customize The Sound To Your Liking
  • When the Elear was originally released, it was a bass lovers dream. However, that low-end slam wasn't for everyone. Now you, the consumer have the choice to make the Elear sound how you would like. And its easier than ever with Focal's earpads. You don't need to be an expert in headphone modifications to change the pads out on the Elear. All the Focal ear pads are a simple snap and click process that means you can change out the pads in less than 30 seconds and be listening the way that you want. If you're wondering just how the sound changes with the different pads, we've got you covered. Check out these measurements here to see the frequency response of the Elear with its stock pads vs the Elex vs the Elear with Utopia Pads vs the Elear with Clear pads so you can find the sound that fits you perfectly!
Taking Comfort to the Next Level
  • The Elear pads are nice. There is no question about that which is why this bundle still ships with the original Elear pads. But, the perforated microfibre pads of the Focal Clear add some plushness to the Elears comfort. The true lambskin ear pads will enhance your Elear Headphones listening comfort. The noble material offers the final touch to the Focal Elear producing a pillow-like comfort that is unmatched.
Take Your Elear On The Go
  • When Focal released the Clear, it came with the Focal Hard-shell carrying case which just so happens to fit their entire line-up! Unfortunately, the Elear never shipped with that case. Until now! Now you can take your Elear on the go with the elegant and compact hard-shell case from Focal. But the case doesn't just fit your brand new Elears, it will also fit all the various accessories you'll need to take your new headphones on the go!
One Purchase, Tremendous Value
  • With this exclusive bundle from in partnership with Focal, you can save up to $397 while choosing the sound and comfort you want. The Elear bundle also ships with the full 2-year warranty you would get with a normal Elear purchase.



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