Fostex T50-RP Mk3 Headphone

The Fostex T50-RP 'Orthodynamic' sealed headphones may look pro-oriented and ready for a hard night's tracking session, but underneath the hood is a delightful sound and balanced tone well-suited for excellent personal listening. Sure, you can monitor your recording mixes with precise accuracy employing the T50-RP but listeners just kicking back plugging into their iPod or home stereo will be wowed at the sense of musical detail you get at this price. Like all planar-magnetic headphones, the T50-RP will benefit from a headphone amp with portable sources for audiophiles seeking maximum soundstage space and timbral smoothness. Great-sounding -- and nicely affordable -- all-around headphones with excellent build quality.

Planar-magnetic headphones are the rage in audiophile land lately and rightfully so: their extremely clear tone and sense of tonal balance is typically superior to many equivalent dynamic driver designs. The best planars can present an indelibly pristine sound with full musical body at all frequencies and an accuracy to the original recording that has made this category of "Orthodynamic" headphones a favorite of studio artisans and pro recordists for decades. The Fostex T50-RP headphones has that classic old-school 'Ortho' style but with freshly engineered acoustic performance that brings them right up to date for both professional work and personal listening. The overall sound of the Fostex T50-RP is definitely well-balanced above all else with a focused bottom-end that doesn't bloat or seem overly forward even with bass-heavy recordings. So bassheads seeking big boom bap may likely need something else to tickle the low-end jones. Good extension at the top of the frequency range with very fair dynamic quickness make this can an overall recommended contender at the price. No question, we would have liked a tad clearer pronouncement on parts of the midrange, but then again its hard to demand everything perfectly delineated given this headphone's very good price. A killer entryway into the world of Orthodynamic headphone wonder!

Product Features:

  • Amongst best sound quality available under $200
  • Refined Fostex proprietary Regular Phase (RP) diaphragm driver using copper foil etched polyimide film and powerful neodymium magnet
  • Excellent tonal balance and musical accuracy
  • Ideal choice for professional headphone monitoring OR personal listening
  • Full-sized, semi-open design, highly durable construction
  • Rated 3000mW maximum input level allows high volumes with extremely low distortion specs
  • 1 year warranty

What's In The Box:

  • Owner's manual