Grado Earpads (Large) Pair

Anyone who's talked to us over the past 20 years has heard us say Grado headphones are great sonic performers for punchy rock&roll, pop, and modern jazz. Here's the stock 'L-CUSH' earpad cushion replacements for Grado headphones. Fully interchangeable with any Grado 'SR' or 'RS' headphone, these come standard with Grado SR225i, SR325is, RS2i, RS1i, PS500 and HF models (SR60/ SR80/ SR125 come with the S-CUSH Grado earpads). All Grado earpad cushions are fully interchangeable with any Grado headphone, if so desired. Sorry, all Grado Labs products can only ship within USA due to manufacturer restrictions!

  • Product Features:

    • Stock 'factory-issue' L-CUSH Grado Labs earpads for SR225 and above
    • Fits ANY Grado 'RS' or 'RS' headphone models
    • Black dense foam "bowl" earpads with cut-out center
  • Specifications:

    • Accessory type: Headphone Replacement Parts

    What's In The Box:

    • 1 pair - Grado Labs Large 'L-CUSH' earpad replacements
  • Anyone who has talked to us on the phone over the past 20 years has heard us say that some Grado headphones are great acoustic performers for punchy rock&roll, pop music, acoustic and modern jazz, but might lack the ultra-wide soundstage expansiveness desirable for much classical, symphonic, and/or chamber 'audiophile' music. We felt a few of the lower-end models could potentially become slightly tonally 'edgy' at times depending on the audio source, most noticeably in the topmost extension of the highs. Well... pierce our tongue and hang us with speaker wire! This earpad edition from Grado Labs is capable of transforming the sound signature of the headphones as these 'L-CUSH' pads will alter the distance relationship between the ear canal and headphone speaker drivers. In our opinion, these large 'bowl' earpads seem to open up the highs -- getting rid of an overly-forward presentation heard around 2 kHz on some models -- while also eliminating potentially murky mid-bass resonances. Of course, the presentation also tends to sound a bit farther away so whether or not that's a good thing remains strictly up to the ear of the beholder!PLEASE, no HeadRoom returns/exchanges on any Grado Labs earpads.Sorry, no Grado Labs product shipping allowed outside USA. Note to International Customers: Grado Labs has asked us to respect their distributor and dealer territories and decline all orders from outside the USA. We don't like it one bit, but we will comply with this policy and restrict Grado shipments to USA destinations ONLY. Please send all dealer location requests, Grado policy complaints, and infraction reports to:

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