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Grado Headphone Extension Cable 15ft

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Listen to your beloved high-end headphones with an average extension cord found at a box store and you'll be stunned at the negative impacts on sound quality. This Grado Labs hp cord is a quality extension to employ with any headphone system. The sound remains crisply clear with only very minimal degradation added to the overall audio presentation, even when used with upscale audio sources. 15ft total length; full-size 1/4' gold-plated stereo terminations. Sorry, all Grado Labs products can only ship within USA due to manufacturer restrictions.

What We Think:
Try listening to your beloved high-end headphones through a cheap headphone extension cord found at an average box store or electronics supply shop and you'll probably be stunned at how much it can negatively impact the sound quality. This excellent Grado Labs design is likely the best mid-priced headphone extension cable you should ever use with your high-quality headphone rig. The sound remains clear & crisp without only very minimal graininess or degradation added to the overall audio presentation, even when used with excellent high-end audio sources.This beefy black 15-foot headphone extension cord provides good clean sonic performance without the listener having to suffer painful wallet blow-out. Both male & female gold-plated terminations use high-grade molded, 1/4' full-size gold-plated headphone plug connectors. However, for audiophiles seeking even more pure, evaporative sonic transparency for their uber high-end systems, please check out some our other more reference-oriented (and, of course, pricier!) headphone extension cables from high-end cable manufacturers like DiMarzio and Cardas Audio.


  • Cable Type: Headphone Extensions
  • Connector Type: 1/4"
Product Features:
  • Easily the best value in quality headphone extensions
  • 15-foot length allows longer runs without signal degradation
  • 1/4" (full-size) gold-plated stereo terminations
Whats In The Box:
  • (1) Grado Headphone Extension Cable - 15ft length

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