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Grado PS500e

Brooklyn's Grado Labs newest is the Grado PS500e, and a HeadRoom favorite in the Grado line, an ingenious take-off from their fabulous top-of-the-line PS1000 full-size headphone made more compact and affordable. The PS500e headphone has a completely open-back, on-ear 'earpad' construction ideal for audiophiles seeking the best sound Grado offers with a richly immersive tone at a price that won't make you sell your vintage vinyl collection to pay the bill.

Grado products can only ship within USA due to manufacturer restrictions!

  • Product Features:

    • Similar structure & looks to pricey Grado PS1000 but in more affordable 'on-ear' size
    • Low 32 Ohm impedance perfect for iPod , iPhone and iPad listening
    • Large rare-earth diaphragms with gold wiring for superb definition of subtle musical details
    • Fully open-back, vented earcup construction
    • Designed, engineered and hand-tooled in Brooklyn USA
  • Specifications:

    • Driver Type: Dynamic
    • Impedance @ 1kHz: 32 ohms
    • Sensitivity: 98 dB SPL/V
    • Connector Type: 1/8"
    • Cable Length: 6 ft.
    • Cable Style: Straight Y
    • Weight: 0.76lb
    • Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year

    What's In The Box:

    • Grado PS500 headphones
    • Grado Labs warranty insert
  • The Grado PS 500e design DNA descends directly from their top full-size 'around-the-ear' [circumaural] 'Professional Series' model, the upscale PS1000 ($1,695), and both headphones share similar metal outer housings encasing wood-framed drivers. The smaller 'on-ear' [supra-aural] size of the PS500e will typically rest on the outer earlobes for most wearers and employs standard Grado 'bowl' earpads [with cut-out center; L-CUSH]. The PS 500 e version's tone sticks close to Grado's lively signature sound with a more pleasingly plump bottom-end response than we hear in other Grado headphones, along with the expected super-extended mids and highs. For bass lovers hemming & hawing about Grado's low-octave authority, the PS500e delivers plenty of bass heft focused through the prism of Grado's beautifully balanced musical delivery. A few may perhaps find the overall essence leaning slightly towards 'bright' with some recordings -- a' la the Grado SR325i -- while seekers of ultimate presence and detail in the upper treble ranges will no doubt swoon with big-grinned delight at the astonishing clarity and clean punch. Always a uniquely appealing brand to headphone geeks, Grado's hand-built USA-made quality and charm are clearly embodied in the PS 500e. We think they're superb headphones bringing classic Grado performance down to a within-reach investment for music lovers questing for purity and resolution in their personal audio experience.

    Rating at a highly efficient 32 Ohms impedance like most other Grado cans, the Grado PS500e sounds fabulous without needing a headphone amp. Naturally, we always feel that adding a dedicated headphone amplifier can help audibly improve timbral smoothness and expand soundstage imaging via our killer HeadRoom crossfeed circuitry, but it is certainly not a required accessory for enjoying the headphones direct from computers or portable iPhone and iPad sources. The PS500e have a padded leather-cushioned headband with metal height adjusters connecting the rounded matte aluminum earcups to the headband, thus allowing for up & down adjustment plus full 360 rotation. This feature is nice for placing the headphones down flat for storage or transit. The PS500e headphone cord is a straight high-definition 'Grado proprietary' copper/OFC cable attaching to both earcups in a 'Y'-type connection. As with other on-ear Grado designs, there exists a slight tendency for the earpad fit to be a bit uncomfortable after extended listening due to the texture of the pad cushions, which may sometimes be ameliorated by gently (gently!) bending the headband frame to better conform to the top of the head. The available Grado Lab 'soft' style earpads [$15, 'S-Cush' earpads; sold separately] may also help tame the comfort issue for some heads. The PS500e high-quality OFC headphone cable terminates to a 3.5mm "mini" stereo plug and measures approximately 6ft in total cord length.

    A free 1-year manufacturer's product warranty remains standard on all Grado headphones and is serviced directly by Grado Labs at their Brooklyn NY shop ONLY with your HeadRoom authorized dealer purchase receipt.

  • Grado PS500e Frequency Response

    View our full featured 'Build a Graph Tool' for headphone comparisons and in-depth measurements.

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