HIFIMAN Shangri-La Jr Electrostatic Over-Ear Headphones

The HiFiMAN Shangri-La Jr Electrostatic Over-Ear Headphones are open-back headphones designed to deliver detailed reproduction of dynamics and frequencies. When driven by the Shangri-La Jr headphone amplifier (available separately), the headphones yield a 7 Hz to 120 kHz frequency response via low-distortion Nanotech drivers. Acoustically transparent mesh grating and nanometer-thick dust covers protect the diaphragms without compromising sonic integrity.

The combination of lightweight aluminum alloy construction, padded earcups, and a hybrid headband design ensures comfortable wearing even for extended periods of time. The 6.6' attached cable is terminated with a 5-pin headphone connector, which allows direct hookup to a compatible electrostatic headphone amplifier. A stand is included for convenient desktop placement of the headphones when not in use.

Key Features

  • Nanotech drivers are less than 0.001mm thick and couple fast transient response with near-zero distortion
  • Nano-particle coated diaphragms provide extended high-frequency response
  • Metal mesh stators work close to the diaphragms for enhanced openness and minimized distortion
  • Stator frames incorporate special alloys to ensure sonic stability and reduce distortion
  • At only 50µm thick, the mesh grating allows sound waves below 1 MHz to pass though
  • 550 to 650V bias voltage
  • Ergonomic and lightweight construction
  • Product Highlights:

    • For Shangri-La Jr Headphone Amplifier
    • Low-Distortion Nanotech Drivers
    • 7 Hz to 120 kHz Frequency Response
    • Acoustically Transparent Mesh Grating
    • Nanometer-Thick Dust Cover
    • Hybrid Headband Design, Padded Earcups
    • 6.6' Attached Cable
    • 5-Pin Headphone Connector
    • Aluminum Alloy Construction
    • Includes Headphone Stand
  • Tech Specs

    • Driver Type: Electrostatic
    • Design: Over-Ear (Circumaural)
    • Earcup Style: Open-Back
    • Frequency Response: 7 Hz to 120 kHz
    • Audio Connector: Electrostatic 5-Pin Straight
    • Design: Y-Type
    • Color: Black
    • Cable Length: 6.56' / 2 m (Flat)
    • Material of Construction: Aluminum
    • Weight: 13.2 oz / 374 g

    What's In The Box:

    • HiFiMAN Shangri-La Jr Electrostatic Over-Ear Headphones
    • Headphone Stand
    • Limited 5-Year Warranty