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Kimber Mini BUS USB Audio Cable

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Kimber Kable have addressed the audiophile's digital USB signal dilemma: how to obtain smooth, accurately detailed acoustic performance from a computer USB connection. This Ray Kimber-engineered USB interconnect features his proprietary braiding + shielding design and is amongst the most recommended USB cables here at HeadRoom; we employ it with high-end USB/DAC connections on our own personal HeadRoom systems as well as at our headphone audio events across the country.  

What We Think:
The amazing cabling R&D gurus at Ogden, Utah's Kimber Kable have addressed the audiophile's USB digital signal dilemma; how do we get acoustically correct audio performance from a computer digital USB connection without tonal harshness, timbral glare or signal transmission drop-outs? Ray Kimber's proprietary (highly) upgraded USB cabling solves that issue and features 6.1% silver-plated signal conductors with the largest gauge possible under USB specifications for the signal & power conductors. A nitrogen-infused polyethylene signal conductor diaelectric with ferrite noise-reduction beads further ensures pure digital signal conductivity and electrical integrity and minimizes data stream interference from internal data packet interruptions or extraneous induced electrical noise. We hear just a more natural, tightly-focused and 'open' sound with the Kimber Mini-BUS compared to a basic USB cable. Well worth it for any computer audio fan or computer-based listener using a HeadRoom DAC.Kimber Kable Mini-BUS USB interconnect cabling is terminated with a Type-A ('host') plug on one end and a 'mini-B' type connector on the other for use with our HeadRoom amplifier's DAC's USB inputs and is available in various lengths; select yours from the drop down menu above. The Kimber Mini-BUS USB cable is terminated with an Type-'A' connector to a standard-size 'B'-type plug on the other end.Available in 5 different cable lengths (prices will vary by length). Please remember to choose the Kimber USB cable length perfect for you!

  • Connector Type: USB Type A to mini B
  • Cable Type: USB Cable
Product Features:
  • Excellent USB cable for audiophile computer audio
  • Precise Kimber-engineered USB braid + shielding proprietary to Kimber Kable
  • Vastly improves digital signal connectivity and minimizes audio dropouts
  • Superior detail and sonic performance versus standard USB cables
  • Big HeadRoom recommendation for use with any HeadRoom DAC
  • Choose your desired Kimber Kable USB cable length!
Whats In The Box:
  • (1) Kimber Mini-BUS USB audio cable (varying lengths)

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