Noble Audio Trident In-Ear Monitor

The Trident In-Ear Monitor Headphones from Noble Audio is one of the best entry-level in-ear monitors out there for those who want to begin their adventure into great sound. Featuring bass that isn't over the top and treble that is noticeable but not ear-piercing, the Tridents are a great first headphone for those starting out. The Tridents are perfect for listening to pop songs so for those top 40 listeners out there, these headphones will really sparkle!

The Trident is an update on Noble Audio's older three-driver design. The Trident features elevated low-end and treble regions for a more elegant take on a "pop" sound. The Noble Audio Trident is an excellent starting point for those looking to get into IEMs or for those that just want a casual IEM in their lineup.

  • Product Highlights:

    • 3 Knowles© balanced armature drivers per side
    • Updated Noble universal form factor and geometry featuring precision machined aluminum faceplates
    • Sensitive enough for use with smartphones as well as portable amps and DAPs
    • Hand-assembled and matched
    • Detachable cable with industry standard two-pin configuration (0.78 mm diameter)