Noizezz Premium Extreme Ear Plugs


  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL - suitable for concerts/clubbing, industrial use, motorcycles, gun range, studying, and more
  • HIGH FIDELITY - premium attenuated filter preserves sound quality and speech intelligibility
  • PROTECTS - your hearing from permanent damage and tinnitus with an SNR of 21.4dB
  • COMFORT GUARANTEED - each package includes 4 sizes of soft silicone eartips designed to fit the contour of your ear canal
  • NEARLY INVISIBLE - clear silicone, low profile design does not protrude from the ear

  • Noizezz reusable ear plugs provide the very best in attenuated hearing protection. Unlike foam ear plugs which dull and distort sounds, Noizezz’s unique filter technology reduces volume while preserving sound quality and speech intelligibility. The Premium Extreme model is suitable for a wide range of situations where high decibel noise reduction is required, including concerts, clubbing and other live music events; industrial sites; gun ranges; riding motorcycles; and motorsports events. Most other attenuated earplugs take a “one size fits all” approach and are easily visible to others. Noizezz’s clear silicone ear plugs do not protrude from your ear and are ergonomically designed to match the contours of the ear canal for maximum comfort. Each package comes with one pair of Extreme filters, four sizes of ear tips, and a convenient small metal carrying case. Also check out Noizezz’s Premium Medium, Music, Sleep, Swim and Fly models for all your noise reduction needs.