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Sennheiser HDVD 800

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At long last, Sennheiser's first digital headphone amplifier is here! Designed and manufactured in Germany, the HDVD 800 is a digital, solid-state amplifier that delivers ultimate acoustic performance when paired with the Sennheiser range of audiophile headphones, including HD 600, HD 650, HD 700, HD 800 and HD 800S. It provides balanced sound, maximum precision and impressive spacial accuracy.

  • Product Features:

    • Digital amplifier for audiophile headphones
    • D/A converter for all common formats up to 24-bit/192 kHz; can be used for CD and DVD players
    • Symmetrical (XLR) and asymmetrical (RCA) analog inputs; AES/EBU, S/PDIF and USB digital inputs
    • Sophisticated metal housing protects against signal scatter and vibration; controls made from solid metal for long-term stability
    • Symmetrical output
    • Sockets for 4 sets of headphones (2 of which are symmetrical)
  • Specifications:

    • THD at 1V output: < -110 dB (1 kHz / maximum gain)
    • Frequency Response: 0.3 Hz - 100 kHz
    • Dimensions: 8.8 x 1.7 x 12 in.
    • Weight: 5 lbs.
    • Input Impedance at 1kHz (ohms): 20 kΩ
    • Inputs: XLR-3, RCA, S/PDIF RCA, TosLink, AES/EBU, USB
    • Outputs: 1/4" & XLR-4
    • Output Impedance: 16 Ohms

    What's In The Box:

    • Amplifier
    • safety guide
    • quick-start guide
    • CD (manual, Windows driver)
    • Does NOT include IEC Power Cable
  • With Sennheiser’s HDVD 800, sound is perfect. The HDVD 800 is able to connect with digital sources and is equipped with a high-quality Burr-Brown digital/analog converter (DAC) that converts digital audio data into analog audio signals with a resolution of 24 bits and a sampling rate of up to 192 kHz. This enables the HDVD 800 to transmit the entire frequency spectrum of high-end audio sources without any loss of ultra high frequency content. Digital sources can be connected to the rear of the unit via an XLR (AES/EBU) input, optical and coaxial (S/PDIF) digital inputs or USB. All digital inputs accept signals up to 24 bit at 192 KHz (except Optical, which is limited to 24/96kHz).

    In addition to the digital input connectivity, the HDVD 800 is also equipped with symmetrical XLR inputs and asymmetrical RCA input sockets. Incoming unbalanced RCA signals are "symmetrized" before further processing takes place.

    Sophisticated metal housing protects against signal scatter and vibration; controls made from solid metal for long-term stability. Symmetrical balanced headphone output provides the ultimate in sonic control and open headroom. Sockets for 4 sets of headphones (2 single ended 1/4" and 2 balanced 4-pin XLR)

    Designed and manufactured in Germany, this high-end, solid-state amplifier harmonizes perfectly and delivers ultimate acoustic performance when paired with any of Sennheiser’s audiophile headphones as well as most other Top Tier Headphone Brands.

    NOTE: Sennheiser does not include an IEC power cable for the HDVD800, but the power connection is a standard 3-pin IEC just like those found on computer towers and most other audio devices. Chances are you have a few extra IEC cables lying around and if not, one can be easily sourced at any electronics store.

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