Sennheiser Replacement Pads for HD650, HD600, and HD580

If you do a lot of headphone listening, there's simply no getting around it. Eventually, the earpads will break down and you'll need to sadly shell out for some new ones to get your listening experience back to comfortably pristine status. These are the same exact earpads that originally came stock with your beloved Sennheiser HD 650/ HD 600/ HD 580 headphones.

Product Features:
  • Factory-issued replacement earpads fits Sennheiser HD580 / HD600 / HD650 headphones only
  • Sold in pair sets only
  • Please, no exchanges or refunds allowed on this item once packaged has been opened
Whats In The Box:
  • 1 pair - Sennheiser HD600/HD650 replacement earpads

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