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Ultrasone Edition 8 Palladium Headphone

Ultrasone's top-of-the-line sealed portable-listening headphones, the Edition 8, are a truly fun and engaging audiophile listening experience. Warm, punchy and easy to enjoy, these cans are a sonic pleasure for any serious audiophile and have become one of the most requested cans around the HeadRoom offices since their introduction. The cosmetically upgraded Edition 8 Palladium model enhances the outer finish with a rare Palladium metal sheen and rare black onyx inlays embedded into the earcups that's simply gorgeous. The Edition 8 Palladium bass response remains very tight and authoritative and maybe a tiny bit overemphasized, but that often can be quite a good thing on headphones when tastefully done and properly rendered like on this model. The overall sound presentation is extremely coherent throughout the entire audio spectrum; midranges are timbrally even and seamless with a gently lush tonality. The transition to the highs are likewise seamless and without a trace of grain or edginess, but slightly laid back. It's a sound that is both reference-grade and completely musically enveloping -- and actually a very hard combination to properly achieve. The Edition 8's unique 'tri-bass-tube' 40mm titanium-vapor plated drivers are finely tuned at the Ultrasone factory and individually computer-matched to perfect tolerance for each set of headphones. All in all, a terrific audiophile master-level can for contemporary music of all types, delivering impact without glare, detail without harshness, and big bass without bloat. Amonsgt the best on-the-go headphones we've heard yet from Ultrasone.

The exact opposite of typical mass-produced consumer headphones, the Edition 8 Palladium are exclusively hand-made in Germany and are individually serial-numbered. The Ultrasone Edition 8 Palladium are manufactured in small, stringently quality-controlled production runs meaning these incredibly beautiful headphones can occassionally become very hard to find--so get yours now! (The previous Ultrasone Edition 9 and Edition 7 models quickly sold-out and are now collector's items).

The German hand-built quality of these extremely exclusive headphones is just stunningly lovely with definitive attention to detail like no other headphone on the market. Perfectly machined, rare-mined Palladium plated hard parts with grey glove-soft leather headband and earpad covers made from Ethiopian sheepskin provide what may be one of the most distinctive looks and wearing experiences available in the headphone industry. The Ultrasone Edition 8 Palladium headband fit is secure, but perhaps a tad tight and the earcups cozy for big-noggin owners. Those with a very large head or big ears may want to shy away unless you're okay with a secure fit. The big advantage of the Edition 8 Palladium slim-profile fit and deep-well earcups remains its truly excellent isolation ability, perfect for supreme listening privacy without worrying about dreaded headphone 'leakage' disturbing your cubicle neighbor or airline seat mate. The Edition 8 Palladium headphone cord extends roughly 3.5 feet [1.2 meters] and is somewhat shorter than we'd ideally like, but the cans do come with a perfectly adequate 4-meter Ultrasone headphone extension cord that will give you some room to roam if needed. The non-detachable Edition 8 Palladium headphone cable terminates to a mini-plug 3.5mm (1/8") jack and a 1/4" full-size snap-on adapter is provided by Ultrasone. A fine-grained Madras goatskin travel/storage bag is included with the Edition 8, which contains room for the headphones along with a separate pocket for the extension cord.


  • Headphone Type: Full Size
  • Connector Type: 1/8
  • Weight: 264 grams (w/o cord)
  • Isolation: -22dB ~ -30dB
  • Detachable Cable: No
  • Impedance @ 1kHz: 25 Ohms
  • Cord Length: 4ft
  • Cord Type: Straight Y
  • Coupler Size: Medium
  • Ear Coupler Type: Earpad
  • Driver Type: Dynamic
  • Acoustic Seal: Closed
  • Sensitivity: 96 dB
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