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SendStation iPod Pocket Dock Line-Out Mini-USB

MSRP $32.95
Stock Status: 1 to 2 Weeks.
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Getting your iPod (or iPhone) to sound its very best begins with this little 'tank'. The SendStation PocketDock Line-Out adapter with the mini-USB port is the easiest way to deliver superior quality performance from your Apple iPod into any headphone amp, stereo power amp, or computer of your choice. Superior performance to similar, but more expensive Belkin line-out products!

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Product Features:

  • Vast Improvement for iPod Sound Quality
  • Compatible with Any Headphone Amp
  • Easy Sync & Charge Feature via Mini-USB Port Connection

What's In The Box:

  • 6 Foot Mini-to-Mini Cable
  • 3.5mm / RCA Termination Adapters


Apple iPhone Connection Instructions Provided!

Getting your iPod (or iPhone) to sound its very best begins with this little 'tank'. The SendStation PocketDock Line-Out adapter with the mini-USB port is the easiest way to deliver superior quality performance from your Apple iPod into any headphone amp, stereo power amp, or computer of your choice.

The PocketDock with Line-Out mini-USB lets you connect the iPod's bottom docking pin-port to a standard 5-pin 'mini-B' USB cable. No need to carry some special docking cable; the tiny PocketDock tank easily stores away and is instantly ready for snap-on use so you'll never miss a beat again.

When you're on the road with your iPod / iPhone, you may want to connect to a Mac or PC. When you need it most, you'll probably find the special iPod docking cable is still at home connected to your computer. Since you can find 'mini-B' termination USB cables almost anywhere by unplugging a camera, peripheral, PDA, or printer/scanner, the SendStation PocketDock Line-Out Dock with mini-USB port lets you get connected anytime, anyplace you need your tunes.

Please keep in mind the SendStation dock can not convert the iPod's line-out into a DIGITAL signal; the iPod audio output remains an analog signal with robust "line-level" strength perfect for connectivity into any headphone amplifier of your choice.

But what about connecting iPods to external headphone amplifiers or a stereo system? It still meant carrying the bulky Apple Dock or compromising on sound quality by using the iPod's headphone jack into an adapted connection of some sort. The new PocketDock Line Out with mini-USB connection offers an industry-standard 3.5mm (1/8") stereo jack right next to the mini-USB port that connects directly to the iPod's line-level output circuitry -- just like other much more expensive iPod docks, but in a tiny, easy-to-carry, high-performance package that even fits in your wallet. This convenience makes the new SendStation PocketDock with 3.5mm line-out and mini-USB port an ideal accessory for professional DJ's, Hi-Fi enthusiasts, and anyone else who would like to take the iPod's great sound quality to its full potential anywhere without interference and distortion from the player's internal headphone equalizer/amplifier circuitry.

Detailed step-by-step instructions for SendStation dock use with Apple iPhones is included. Also works with Apple iTouch players. Package includes 6ft mini-to-mini interconnect cable and 6ft length of mini-to-RCA interconnect cable. Black color.

NOTE: Please, NO Returns/Exchanges on the SendStation iPod dock unless defective upon receipt!

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Very interesting product, with a quirk
Posted by Tobias from Montreal, QC on 2012-04-13

Recommend Product: Yes
Pros: Much improved sound
Cons: Requires attention when connecting; cost

Considering how well it works when you connect it properly, the lack of competition and the functionality of this unit, this device ought to be popular enough to sell well even at its I-beg-your-pardon price.

Functionality first: if you already have a good cable with a minijack on one end, buy a SendStation Pocket Dock and you won't have to buy a new line-out cable for your iPod/iPhone. Yes, you want a line out connection, please read on.

How well does it work? Even low-res MP3 files sound much better when they don't have to go through the iPod's built-in amplifier. With these, a Pocket Dock can make it possible to understand that a good performance is actually a great one. Full CD-res files are that much nicer: airier, more refined, better staged, finer textures and timbres. Singers sound more intimate. The improved sound will make you forget that it's a 30-dollar connection dongle and consider it great value.

However if the quirk bites you, well then, you'll be back cursing yourself for paying the thirty! Eirepaul's advice on this page of reviews is the only thing that will save the ship. Here it is: plug your minijack into the Pocket Dock first. Snap it all the way in, right up to the hilt. THEN plug the Pocket Dock into your iPod.

If you do this you will not get what I had for a year (until I read Eirepaul). One channel went missing until I eased the minijack part way out, but channel balance seemed wrong. Then there was a hum that became loud and objectionable as soon as I bought a really good set of in-ear 'phones. I was sure I'd got a dud dock but for various reasons I couldn't send it back. Drove me wild.

Then I read the reviews here and came across Eirepaul. Thank you, sir.

So, recommended, but plug it in the way the man says.

12 out of 14 people found this review helpful. Did you?

Great little device, but the Fiio L3 way better
Posted by Symes from Raleigh, NC on 2011-11-08

Recommend Product: Yes
Pros: Good sound, can now chg iPhone from mini USB output
Cons: Poor fit - keeps dropping one channel unless you hold the cables in really tight - temperamental

I bought this and the Fiio L3 to get Line Out from my iPhone 4 to use with the Total Bithead headphone amp.

It does a great job and allows the phone to be charged simultaneously (a negative with the other product I refer to here). This is no trivial thing, because now with one tiny plug in device I can borrow anyones mini-USB output charger if I don't have my apple 32 pin cable handy...

The sound is clear and concise and if that is all I had heard, but then I tried the Fiio L3 cable (less than $9) and it blows the SendStation away sound wise - much richer and full while not being tiring at all.

On a final note, the SendStation fit seems a little fussy - for a while I only had one channel until I wriggled the 1/8" jack a little, but then it would drop again, and even taken out and in seemed to be a little temperamental and touchy.

The question is this - if I were not driving revealing headphones but going into a good car hi-fi that used an Aux-in - which would I use. Here, for a long journey, clearly the SendStation would be a winner due to the ability to charge the phone. But, I'd still be tempted to try out the Fiio too power or not, the sound is just so good.

Awesome little product though!

15 out of 15 people found this review helpful. Did you?

Decent little device
Posted by Eirepaul from Madison, WI on 2011-10-20

Recommend Product: Yes
Pros: works pretty well

To the person that was having trouble with the connection - I was too until I discovered that you have to push the line out plug in there pretty hard until it snaps in, then it was fine. This should be done before pushing dock into I-Pod. Otherwise it works pretty much as advertised - there is not a huge difference in sound quality between headphone out and line out, but there is some.

13 out of 16 people found this review helpful. Did you?

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