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...Cables cables cables.  To some, the signature garnish to any audiophile system, subject to endless pontification and experimentation to find that perfect compliment to one's carefully crafted audio set up.  To others, they're just a necessary bit to connect those tunes to your brain as quickly and easily as possible.  Whoever you are, we've got you covered!
  • Headphone Extensions - A headphone extension can be used with any headphone and are available in varying sizes and lengths.
  • Headphone Replacement Cables - Some headphones offer replacement cables; only available for specific models.
  • Mini to Mini Cables - Mini to mini cables use an 1/8" analog connection at both ends, and can be used in a large variety of applications.
  • Mini to RCA Cables - These cables use an 1/8" mini connector on one end, and an RCA (left and right) connection on the other end.
  • RCA to RCA Cables - These are very common interconnect cables featuring two connections (left and right) on both ends of the cable.
  • XLR Cables - XLR cables have 3-pin (positive, negative, ground) connections, and are often used in balanced-drive use.
  • USB Cables - Universal Serial Bus cables are used with computers and laptops, and are available in with mini or standard connectors.
  • Optical Cables - Optical cables, sometimes called Toslink cables, are digital cables that use light instead of electricity to pass a signal.  
  • Coaxial Cables - A coaxial cable is a 75 Ohm cabled that uses a center conductor and outside conductor with a shared axis.
Listed below are all cables available at HeadRoom, or click on a category above to narrow your results.