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In Ear

If you really need to shut out the world, there is simply nothing better than in-ear headphones.

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HeadRoom has found some of the best in-ear headphones for blocking sound and offering excellent sound quality.  In ear headphones are also called in-ear monitors (IEM's), earphones, or ear canal headphones. These miniature headphones fit in the ear canal and make a seal similar to standard earplugs. In-ear headphones are excellent for many noisy environments and particularly convenient and effective for public transit.
  • SOUND QUALITY: Many in ear headphones sound significantly better than traditional headphones or earbuds at the same price, and many have headset compatibility with your Android or iDevice.  Nearly all in-ear headphones are efficient enough to work well directly out of an iPod or portable player without necessitating a headphone amp.
  • ISOLATION: Headphone brands tend to vary in fit style and isolation.  For the most isolation, we recommend Shure and Etymotic models, both have a slightly deeper fit and come with a triple flange tip allowing up to 35-40dB of isolation.
  • FIT IS CRITICAL:  Most in-ears come with a variety of different sizes & types of eartips; it's important to experiment to find the tip that works best for you. To get solid bass from any in-ear headphone you must have a securely tight eartip seal within your ear canal. 
  • STUDIO MONITORING: In ear headphones are commonly used by audio professionals and musicians to monitor sound mixes; preventing feedback from stage monitors and isolating the artists or producers from audience noise.

*TIP*: We don't recommend in-ear headphones for anywhere that some situational awareness is required such as busy streets, outdoor sport activities, or -gasp- walking on train tracks!  That said, in ear headphones are generally better for your ears- they block ambient sounds so thoroughly you won't have to turn the music up loud just to overcome noisy environments.