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HeadRoom Total AirHead

MSRP $99.00
This product is no longer available for purchase.


12/10-2012 ~ THIS ITEM is NO LONGER AVAILABLE at HeadRoom -!

Experience the best sound coming out of your favorite headphones with the portable HeadRoom Total AirHead amp. The missing link between headphones and your iPod/iPhone, mp3 player or other device, the AirHead avoids loading down your player's efficiency to drive headphones with amazing clarity and detail. The AirHead operates via 4 AAA batteries (AC power supply available; sold separately) and features our famous HeadRoom crossfeed to improve headphone imaging. Built-in 'low/high' gain switch matches most headphone impedances from 16 Ohms up to 300 Ohms. Designed and made in Montana USA.

More handy info can be found in our Total AirHead FAQ.

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Product Features:

  • Get a clear, clean listening experience with good headphones + any portable player
  • Delivers tighter bass response and better musical body with articulate highs
  • Improves imaging via HeadRoom's famous crossfeed circuit.
  • Low/High gain switch optimizes amp for headphones of different efficiencies up to 250~300 Ohms
  • Runs 30+ hours on four AAA batteries (not included)
  • Optional AC power supply available (sold separately)

What's In The Box:

  • Short 4" mini-mini audio cable (1/8" connectors)
  • Rubber securing 'feet' for AirHead
  • Assorted Vel-Coins for AirHead attachment to player(s)
  • HeadRoom owner's manual


Monday 12/10/2012 ~ Sorry, we have officially sold-out of all AirHeads and have discontinued the product from our inventory :(

Your music meets your mind when you bridge the chasm between your portable player and good headphones using the portable HeadRoom Total AirHead headphone amp. Unlike what's found behind most portable devices' built-in headphone jacks, the AirHead is a true miniaturized power amplifier especially engineered at HeadRoom to cleanly drive headphones. It powers any portable cans from 16 Ohms up to 300 Ohms with the improved authority and musical finesse of quiet dedicated amplification while serving as a buffer between your player and the complex electrical load of the headphones. Hence, it makes both your headphones and your player sound better!

Controlling the AirHead amp is easy: just connect the included short 'mini-to-mini' audio cable (longer 'mini' cable lengths sold separately) from the audio source of your choice into the back of the amp, then plug your headphones into the amp. Turn on the amp, adjust the volume dial and you're done!


Two parallel headphone jacks on the Total AirHead's front panel allow you and a friend to listen simultaneously (keep in mind only headphones with similar impedance + efficiency ratings will play at identical volumes). The switch on the far left is power On/Off; then the power-on green LED indicator to the right; a rotary dial volume control in the middle; the 'clipping/battery low' red LED indicator; and, of course, our world-famous HeadRoom crossfeed On/Off switch at far right.

The Total AirHead has a Low/High 'Gain' switch inside the oval hole below the battery door. Inside the battery compartment you'll find the Gain switch pre-set on Low Gain for earbuds; use High Gain for most headphones. As a general rule, most in-ears/earbuds will sound good on low gain while most over-the-ear headphones will sound best on high gain. The Gain switch allows you to get excellent acoustic performance from in-ears or headphones with varied efficiency or impedance ratings.

The Total AirHead has a unique non-breakable molded rubber battery door. Lift the cover from the rear and it releases its soft detented nubs revealing the internal battery compartment. The rubber battery door also acts as a non-skid 'foot' when the AirHead is attached to the back of a portable player. Along with the mini-cable, we also include Velcro "dots", called Vel-Coins that you can stick on the Total AirHead feet and to the back of an iPod or other mp3 player in order to mate them back-to-back for easy travel.


On the rear left-hand side of the back of the AirHead is a jack for an optional AC adaptor power supply (sold separately) for using the amp plugged directly into household current. The AirHead is portably powered by four AAA batteries [not included], and will run for 30~40 hours depending on your headphones and volume setting. The HeadRoom Total AirHead amp will not charge rechargeable batteries (rechargeable batteries not recommended for best sound quality).

DIMENSIONS: The HeadRoom AirHead headphone amp measures approximately 3" wide X 4.5" long X .75" thick and weighs about 7.5 ounces with its four [4] AAA batteries inside (batteries not included).


  • Weight: 1 lb (.5 kg)
  • Frequency Response: 20–20k, ±1
  • Dimensions: 3" x 4.5" x .75"
  • Input Impedance at 1kHz (ohms): 18k
  • Amplifier Group: The Mobile Line
  • Portable: yes

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Makes a Difference Even if You Don't Need Amplification
Posted by moses667 from Washington, DC on 2012-10-24

Recommend Product: Yes

I purchased the Total Airhead honestly because I was curious to hear what difference it might make on my ATH-M50s with a MacBook Pro using 256kb mp3s. The M50s work quite well straight out of my computer. I was pleasantly surprised to hear a noticeable increase in detail and quickness with the amp. Tightness in the bass was improved and there's better instrument separation. Don't get me wrong, these differences are subtle, but do create a sound that is just enough more fun, more musical and detailed that I don't want to listen without the amp anymore.

If (all other factors being equal) I was making a choice between a better, but more expensive pair of headphones and a cheaper pair and an amp, I'd get the best cans I could. But I'd want to eventually get an amp to get the most out of them.

7 out of 8 people found this review helpful. Did you?

Must have for portable MP3
Posted by Shooter from NW FL on 2012-02-11

Recommend Product: Yes
Pros: Quality, price and sound enhancement
Cons: None and I mean none

I won't waste your time with rehashing the other reviews. If you want a portable, high quality, headphone amp there just isn't any other. I run a $50 Sansa Fuze with a pair of Senni px200s and this amp: it's portable audio heaven. I bought my TAH about three years ago, still going strong and musically wonderful. One thing, do buy yourself the AC power adaptor, you will sooner or later. Now for something the HeadRoom folks will hate, I use my TAH on a laptop also. I can only say that I enjoy the hell out of it and what it does for laptop sound is amazing. Sorry HeadRoom guys, you just build too superior of a product, maybe a TBH for Christmas next year?

20 out of 25 people found this review helpful. Did you?

Mono mod to Total AirHead
Posted by DBX from New Orleans, LA on 2011-12-28

Recommend Product: Yes
Pros: Best way to get true mono
Cons: Not switchable back to stereo

This review is for the HeadRoom factory modification to the Total AirHead ("TAH") that permanently changes the amp from stereo to mono. Sonically, I give the TAH mod five stars because it is the best way I know to get true mono from stereo sources like iPods. I'm deaf in one ear, so I need mono, and simply combining L+R in an adapter worries me. I use my TAH as both a headphone amp and as a preamp between my iPod and the input jack on my car stereo. I give the mod four stars overall, because the mono mode is not switchable. This is not a surprise--the guys at HeadRoom told me it was not switchable, so I'm not complaining. But it would be perfect if the mono mode was switchable. I also have trouble reading the labels embossed on the rubber. Great product at affordable price.

15 out of 20 people found this review helpful. Did you?

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